War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 23

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 23

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  1. okay thanks for answering my question gaijin, my first time got featured on a video (the other comment gone for some reason)

  2. let's take the planes tanks and boats push them in together as a 23 vs 23 all for all update to put boats up against planes and tanks, longer battles , control the sea land and air all around warfare from ps4 ,xb1,pc would be an amazing change and we'll needed treet to devoted fans and customers and as one I would love see this be incorporated into our beloved game!!! thank you and see you on the battlefield=land=air=sea-= warthunder from fog to bogg to beach-ponds-rivers & creeks to taking off from one point going landing at a different base to fuel up, animations must be added in order to create any long living games this could be the best If you could eventually have ground teams with the tanks helping their team mates out by repairs or by craftable items for cover or cammo neat little helping tip I hope to see some of my stuff I said threw into the game. best wishes your friend ; DEERHUNTERCOPE

  3. Sometimes you mistake a dead tank for one still operational in battle. A shot or machine gun fire will normally put it on fire, making it more obvious that you can move on to the next target. My question is why is the dead tank not at least smoking in the first place? (Gunship)

  4. I was flying my F9F-2 when a friendly F-86 rammed me after take-off.. The worst part is, he blamed me for ramming him. Is there a way you can stop players from ramming other friendlies? I had to pay 9k silver lions for something I didn't do, its unfair

  5. Hey this is a naval question I know big ships like destroyers are going to be a pain to implement right now but what about ships like the American LST's they are bigger but not the size of a destroyer but a bit bigger then the PT boats they would be the perfect choice because they would be easily overwhelmed by PT boats but put out a good amount of fire power they could easily be good support ships what do you think.

  6. What are your (gaijin's) views on world of tanks. Pls don't bother hating they are two different games

  7. Hey Gaijin, could you please add a feature wherein players can use voice chat without being in a squad? If this feature exists please tell me how to use it, since I really want to be able to use voice chat with team mates even if we aren't in a player-made squad. Also, could you make the scope view of each individual tank mandatory in RB or at least just SB, i.e. make the sights look as they would when a tanker uses the scope or gun sight of each unique tank. Lastly, at least tell me thru your show or in a reply to this comment if ever you read this and decide not to answer. Thanks.

  8. What if I don't have Japanese ancestors? and I want to make my Viking ancestors proud instead?

  9. Will we ever see tank interiors so tank battles can be more immersive than ever? Please Gaijin You know if you do that War thunder will be the best WW2 simulation game

  10. Now I'm confused, if the tempest 2 was known for its speed then why dose the stats of the griffon spits say they are 20km/h faster than the tempest. I always out run the spits in game with the tempests.

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