War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 24

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 24

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  1. wheres shuwer gustav gaijin add t29 t95 and moderns tanks where shuwer gustav becausa germany have a good tanks but gaijin suge american and soviet

  2. But…. the games tanks are terrible, there are no good tanks in this game, otherwise I think this is a well made game (still think some of the tank models were stolen from WoT though)

  3. the WT developer the weapons follow the time order but since you already bring in the type 74 mbt for japan tech tree so, have you planning to bring in all weapons have the same period time with that mbt into the game soon ?

  4. Also, franz stiller had a radiator in his radiator, talk about the risk, and he guided the Charlie's bomber over one of the heiviest flak infested coasts f Europe ! Isn't that crazy?

  5. Will there ever be a MOAB (GBU 43) for allied (british and american) bombers and will you be going any further into the wars like vietnam, desert storm, middle east conflicts, falklands war (germans as the argentines), etc?

  6. Gajin, i know you answered this question before but I want to add on it, in a previous comment somebody asked for the F-100D super saber but you guys said no because you said it's to advanced and op and then you need to add more better and more stronger jets but you kinda don't, in the Cold War the F-100D super saber came up against the mig-17 and other high tier Russian jets already in the game but I'm just saying

  7. Since the range of vehicles is pre-post war and cold war era vehicles, would the M1 Abrams be added at some point since it's technically a cold war era vehicle? Or are you keeping it to early cold war?

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