War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 61

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 61

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  1. First of all, i love war thunder, and… Friend say me that you have a dialy reward up to 2 years or so, why is it like that?

  2. Dear Gaijin,

    Can you please extend the Team Aerobatic Practice Map so that we can fly to Dortmund Airfield and not get reset? Its a beautiful airport next to a city but because its the map edge its practically unlandable. Such a waste. Thank you so much!

  3. me and my friends are teir4 german tanks but we have practiced soo much with the sturm we know right where to aim the moment the game starts and we fire salvos weve killed the entire team before theyve left there spawn

  4. I know this won't be answered. But here is like the hundredth time. Will we be expecting to see the B 32 dominator or any other large bombers for really any county?

  5. hold the devs hostage until we can test drive all vehicles without having to be able to research them, already researching them or be able to buy one.

  6. You know what you should add (All for Combined Battles)? Your engine turning if u stand still for a long time. For winter environments if you stay still to long with engine off and you want to move again you need to warm up engine first cause it's so cold it froze and needs to warm up again. In the desert environments dust should kinda destroy your engine if you drive continously with out stopping to clean the engine out with dust.

  7. the tanks are nice, but…. wil there be also higher rank planes, and where do those boats stay?

  8. please read!

    will you add infa red vision to the apropriate tanks? it will help pinpoint the engine in a tank, the crew, and also help players see through bushes and smoke

  9. Will there ever be an opportunity to get the German Sherman M4 748 (a)? or are they any plans to add new captured vehicles?

  10. Hey gaijin, guys im obsessed with bombers aand.. maybe the plane im about to suggest maybe cannot be adapted to the actual version of the game but can you PLEEEEASEEEEE add the L-249 super constellation or XB-30 take a look at it

  11. i don't like the font of the text in the game gaijin(1.71)can you change like back to the one in 1.61

  12. during the invasion of normandy, allied tank crews put anything they could get their hands on, onto the front of their tanks, as huge losses were racked up when they met the 88mm flak guns, tiger and panther tanks, we are talking about sand bags, metal, wood, tracks, and even concrete, allied commanders forbade the practice, but frontline tank crews still did it, will we see a system where we can replicate such set ups ?

  13. What do you say to the "problem" that WT tanks are to grindy. If you compare the
    Tiger E for 75.000 Xp
    with the
    Fw 190 A-5/U12 for 50.000 Xp
    and they are on the same B.R.
    And than you add rank VI tanks wich are even more grinde WHY??(=/
    so pls lower the grinde to the level of aircrafts or explain this to me.

    And I think I am not the only one who is thinging that.=)
    Leave a like if you thing the same 😉

  14. Hi WT! I know that maybe its not the best place to ask for it but i really want to know is there a possibility that T-V <Panther> in Soviet tree will be available to unlock again in the future? Half of my kingdom for that tank:D

  15. 3:11 you're getting shot at in the middle of the night over enemy territory, what would you expect!

  16. Hello, You have to search more, because of Czech pilot Karel Kuttelwascher has 15kills and 5 damaged aircrafts in night (only 3 months needed) – https://fcafa.com/2011/01/01/karel-kuttelwascher/ – so please repair this video 😀 and please add his mark "Night Reaper" to game. I would like to paint it on my planes. WT:MadRabbit_CZ

  17. Will you cover the tracks addon on the armour effect? Did it really helped the crew or the enemy due to ballistic round normalization?

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