War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 67

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 67

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  1. What is the chemical compound of stalaniam.(I want to build a Stalin statue in my backpack. I need it)

  2. Attempt #2
    Can you please readjust the Maus front turret armor thickness?
    I checked historical documents and it does not match WarThunders. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/222269-maus-needs-the-real-240-mm-front-turret-armor-showed-in-kubinka/

  3. Fun thing to try at home: Try X raying the he-100 sometime
    They weren't kidding when they said it was made out of cooling systems

  4. Hey Gaijin, i was watching some old shooting range videos and started to wonder, at what stage is world war mode at, is it almost ready, and more importantly, will we be able to blitzkerg the enemy team?

  5. Gaijin how about you do world war 1 tank and make a special matchmaking for them so it will be balanced???Keep up the good work…

  6. Are you gona add exploding fuel tanks in planes? Its too glorious to miss. Do the set weapon convergence rate affect rockets or just the main weapons

  7. Gaijin, I have several questions.
    -Will the effective thickness of HESH rounds stay as they are? Will HESH mechanics remain as they are?

    – Do you plan on implementing the feature wherein the gunner view/sights of each individual tank looks as it were in real life instead of one single generic gunner view?

    – Do you plan on implementing a mechanic that simulates a shell bouncing around a tank if it is large/intact enough and/or has enough kinetic energy left?

    – Could you implement or at least research the proper spalling of HESH, particularly the lump of metal HESH often detaches
    at almost supersonic speed? The decreased small shrapnel on HESH is good, but without that platter HESH is now close to worthless.

    – Where do you get the music for The Shooting Range and for Thundershow? I would like to download them.

  8. Hey Gaijin, I'm bamboozled and confused on why I haven't earned the M8 Greyhound when I have the code activated, the 5 wins, and 60%+ Battle Activity. This has happened previously when the event to earn the Russian M3 Lee or the Su-76m 5th. Guards Cavalry, when I fulfilled all the conditions to earn it, but it took me till midnight to earn it on the second day

  9. Will you add a mode were Japan is trying to defend against a b29(A-bomb) and America is trying to keep the bomber ailive

  10. Will the Shooting Range guy have a voice pack in the game? I like his soothing, gravely monotone, and would love to hear more of it. "Gramercy!", and all that.

  11. Will you ruin this beautyfull game by adding non mass produced french tanks (non used prototypes bulid after 1940.)?

  12. Hai Gaijoob, may i please know if you plan to add more japanese tanks like the O-I projects and possibly some rank 6 japanese tanks?

  13. hey, is it possible to get premium by winning any sort of tournament or assault battle like for a day or a week
    plus can you guys nerf the assault battles a tiny bit

  14. Hey War Thunder, how about hiring a real moderators for your forums with a decent knowledge on how to be professional moderators instead of your current dictator moderator wannabee that abuse their authority above anything else that hampers the relation between players and the developers?

    You could learn something from the moderators from Wargaming, surely they treat their players way better then your current moderators that treat your players like a bag of trash.

  15. Gaijin, please seperate BMP-1 and BMP-1P. You cant just put 2 different vehicles into one. That would ruin the game. The BMP-1P is NOT just a BMP with an other ATGM-System. It also has a new fire-extinguisher system for napalm, NBC-protection, 9 firing ports (there are only 7 on the BMP-1). In addition the BMP-1P has a total mass of 13.8 tons (BMP-1P only 13.0 tons). Please seperate them!!!

  16. wait the B-57 is lower in br??? it was fast enough where it was to only have to worry about a few 9.0 jets being able to catch up to it, now it will never be shot down as nothing is fast enough

  17. Hey War Thunder… can you tell us when the naval update will come out??
    Oh and I've played the game for 4 years and this is still one of my FAVORITE games EVER!!!

  18. Gaijin, when ever a pilot gets sniped, will you make them do some sort of maneuver such as rolling into the ground in stead of the plane just flying straight?

  19. Also for simulator battles could you possibly add a drivers view as it would. E call to get the view of the driver as there are commander and gunner views. Sorry about the hundreds of comments I have written

  20. Please add f4 phantom and f8 crusader and other aircraft used in the Vietnam war as we have mugs so why not some American planes to match it?

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