War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 68

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 68

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  1. I think it's better to rethink the income of the game,for the next update,because,at the moment, we lose more then we make,that way the game is not fun anymore.We have to think about the people who don't pay to win. Loseing silver lions will make players leave the game.

  2. but the transmission was a problem…And Ferdinand had even bigger problem.It failed on field regularly and they had to be carefully used to not overburdened them .Battle of Kursk is the best showcase

  3. How we can achieve something about 10 times size humanoid machine ? weighted 50 ton. tough as titanium overwhelmed mbt tank, ship, or fighter . Generator that produce radio and infrared jamming device.

  4. I hear Poshe, Thyssen & Krupp, Śkoda, Henschel most of them exist still and aren't even German… lol

  5. Gaijin you can add a new mode of game(set,play) battaille realistique his(her,its) would be a mode for the people who like battaille with real nation on reality map kind(genre) the map carplate his(her,its) could be Russian vs German battaille historic no nation in more the truths fights(disputes) because the Japanese his(her,its) realistic moin here is

  6. Will you are the German, American, Japanese, British, Italian, Russian, and French aircraft trees? I hope that they come soon to the game!

  7. What happened to the Sd.Kfz. 234/4 "Pakwagen"? I just switched over to playing Germany not too long ago, and I see the Sd.Kfz. 234/2 "Puma", but the /4 doesn't show up in the premium vehicles any longer…

  8. Do you gonna add some premium vehicles of ace tankers and pilots, like Michael Wittmann, Dmitriy Lavrinenko or Erich Hartmann and Ivan Kozhedub?

  9. Will be still adding the modern era vehicles and planes? And what Helicopters? I really want helicopters! 🙂

  10. Will the Obj. 279 Heavy Tank developed in Chelyabinsk be debuted in War Thunder anytime soon, now thay composite armor is modeled in game?

  11. If more modern Tanks will come is there a chance that you are going to split the WW2 and the Modern Tanks?

  12. How modern will the tanks get in war thunder? Cause personally I believe that anything after Korea should be separated from anything before Korea.. just a thought if that is so deemed to happen.

  13. if you do read all the comments then read this if warthuder was a man i would ask for its hand in marriage

  14. You mentioned in a Q&A about a month ago that there will indeed be airburst rounds for tanks that had them. When will they be implemented?

  15. Hey could you ad submarine and more modern aircraft such as Vietnam War aircraft,golf war and finally capital ship please.

  16. Ok if you read all the comments the tell me why are france reserve airplanes so good??
    France reverse turn time 13,4 and 4 machine guns. russian turn time 7,9! 4 machine guns!!
    Just compere these two.
    Oh and i litelary get killed by france reserve airplanes all the time whyy war thunder whyyyyy???

  17. Gaijin, I have several questions.

    – Will HESH effective penetration values stay as they are? Will HESH mechanics in general remain as they are?
    Do you plan on modifying HESH mechanics?

    – Do you plan on implementing a mechanic that simulates a shell bouncing around a tank if it is intact enough and/or
    has enough kinetic energy left?

    – Could you implement the platter of metal HESH detaches from the inside of armor within its effectice penetration/thickness?
    The decreased small shrapnel on HESH is good, but without that platter (which I think is proportional in thickness to the
    thickness of the defeated armor) HESH is now close to worthless against 30 degree slopes when it shouldn't be.

    – Could you please increase/make realistic the length of time crew members can hold their breath under water?

    – Could you find a way to prevent crew members from continuously replacing the driver once the driver's position is flooded?
    This could stop the whole tank crew from getting killed if the tank is partially submerged.

    – Could you allow the driver's breath timer to reset after a new crew member takes over from a drowned driver and the tank is still
    partially submerged? It is impossible for the driver to drown a few seconds and the next crew members to drown instantly upon
    replacing the previous driver.

    – Do you plan on implementing the feature wherein the gunner view/sights of each individual tank looks as it were in real
    life instead of one single generic gunner view?

    – Where do you get the music for The Shooting Range and for Thundershow? I would like to download them if that is allowed.

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