War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 7

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 7

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  1. The manual Bombbaydoor opening is really helpfull ^^ Only bad if you get hit there when its open x(

  2. i have maby a good idee in the nederlands around Arnhem ww2 ther was a bick war maby itresting for a map

  3. Reading Comments? Reduce the BR spread to 0.7 and balance matchmaking so
    we dont get clubbed in 90% of our matches. Real number 90%. Out of 100
    games 89 were clubbing by others.How? Majestic Konigstigers in 15 of the
    opposing team when my top BR is 5.7. Or seeing IS-2 1944 driving tiger
    1's in most of the games.
    Clubbed. Think about this before advicing anyone anything for they can
    wipe with that advice when they encounter 185mm armour turret
    konigstigers in their Tiger 1's. Oh, i should flank the tiger 2 with my
    tiger 1. This when i dont appear in his radar 500 metters away 360
    degree arround him.Another funny thing. BR Spread from tiger h1 to tiger
    E is 0.3. The BR spread from Konigstigers and Tiger E is 0.3. aswell.

  4. Do the brits wil have the TOG-2 or the Churchill Avre, you now for Harry (from last episode) and the Queen

  5. Are we going to have war thunder mobile?? And whatever happened to it?

  6. just an idea but mabey you can put player planes an player tank in the same battel like 15 vs 15 tank and 15 vs 15 planes in one battel

  7. Can bullets hit bombs?
    Like a bullet hits a bomber from underneath,goes through the bomb bay doors, hits a bomb and the bomber explodes?
    Or can a bulett hit a bomb while the bomb is falling and explode in air, saving the ground troops?
    If not,will you implement it?

  8. Is their intention of adding the Antonov A-40 and will it be in the Aviation tree or the tank tree?

  9. Will there be a kamikaze function for Japanese planes? I want to ram ships and make them go BOOM!

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