War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 70

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 70

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  1. Hello Gaijin !
    Just as a remark on your subtitle, you wrote the name of the test pilot who flew the MD.450 like this : "Konstantin Rozanov"
    But form what I find on the Internet, his name is : "Constantin Rozanoff".
    By the way, he's polish and flew in the name of France during WW2 during the Campain of 1940, the battle of North Africa and the rest of the conflict.

  2. The new update will reduce research cost but what if somebody is in themmiddle of a research like i am of the m46 if it reduces by 100.000 will i have it?

  3. Ohhh i have a good one! If you read all the questions then i must ask… When you gonna add female crew voices? 😀

  4. So the USA have the 75mm M3 and the Russians the SU-57. Any chance of seeing any of the sd.kfz. 251 variants added to the German tree? They are a classic after all.

  5. hey gaijin i hate spawn campers and we all does but i have a solution!
    if the tank of your team stnd in a spawn area it cant be killed and hit but if its out it have 3-8 sec to get a change to get cover and not get killed
    this was my solution say what you think about it plz

  6. Raketenjagdpanzer 1 as a event vehicle 4 christmas? If you want the Raketenjagdpanzer 1 as an event vehicle 4 christmas, post > can we get the Raketenjagdpanzer 1 as an event vehicle 4 christmas? < in the comments of The Shooting Range. I want it soooo hard!!!

  7. Will you ever push on to current modern tanks, and if so, will you provide them with active protection systems?

  8. will we ever see any of the other chieftain variants such at the the chieftain 800 or 900 with Chobham armor

  9. Any chance of having gun and infantry emplacements and greater environmental destructibility to make use of our HE shells in tank battles? I'd love to knock out some pillboxes and machine gun nests supporting infantry. Would that maybe be in your new game Enlisted?

  10. Great job on the game by the way! I can't help but love the accuracy and authenticity being an aerospace engineer

  11. I'd love to see the B-26 Marauder for the US! Especially since it played such a huge part in Europe with over 5,000 built and used to great effect. Any chance of seeing it?

  12. Any chance of seeing the XP-59 Airacomet added to the US tech tree? Would be a great addition being the US's first jet fighter. Quite the milestone

  13. Are you going to add the x/yb-35 flying wing? Please consider it, though it was an experiment, it would be a very unique plane to have as a pinnacle of the American bomber tree.

  14. Given the focus on realism in War Thunder, why are there large flame exhausts on all of the jet aircraft, when realistically planes like the Saber and Mig15 had clear thrust exhaust with little noticeable flame?

  15. After the most recent update War thunder is quitting automatically after joining a battle???
    I am really mad

  16. I always wonders, will tanks with HE filler shell be easier to ammo rack than those who don't (like the brits)

  17. Hey Gaijin , since a few months some ammo types became almost useless like the heat-fs shell or the hesh. Are there any planes to give them a little bit of their old power back…..not as strong as there were used to be but…still a little bit stronger as now. It is a little bit frustrating if you need 4 shoots with a ru 251 to take out a enemy……

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