War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 78

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 78

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  1. Is there is a possibility of the Belgian tanks such as the ACG medium tank, SA F.R.C and the T13 B series? Maybe for the tier 1 french tanks or tier 1 international army (if you consider to get it implemented).

  2. I hope that some day, Tanks RB will ONLY have tanks, like the name suggest and like Air RB is, only Aircrafts.
    Because since I quite like to play with light tanks and SPGs such as the Obj120, Jpz 4-5 and so on, I cant flank the enemy team (thing that light tanks are made for) because there are the guy who picks his M22 up and rushes to the nearest point to their spawn, then J out of the vehicle and spawn on a fighter/attacker, eventually spotting me and killing me if he has big caliber machine gun

  3. passive players in airRB wasting our time, i could play 2 more games and earn points from 3 battles, instead we chasing one pasive dude and earn nothing, its big problem , any plans for a fix after 5 years of this..

  4. Can you add the McDonnell XF-85 Goblin jet fighter to the game? I would love to see a jet that small implemented.

  5. If you Gajin read all comments, can you answer me one question : will you ever do something about spawn camping but something as a serious/functioning solution? We have groups of enemie pilots that fly in and just mess our respawn spot and constantly abuse it by killing pilots that are respawning. Solution for tank campers is also almost useless. This is a serious problem that is just going in endless loop of repeating and it is ruining the gameplay! My question is just one of many that people have asked or ask, but at least give some real efforts to fix something that community is reporting over and over again.
    Thank you in advance!

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