War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 83

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 83

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  1. to put it simple, if the war continued well into 1946 Germany would be nuked as the allies had a policy with the nuclear bombs called the "Germany first policy" which is exacty as it sounds, that Germany would be nuked first before Japan.

  2. um hello the creators of War Thunder I have a question for you.

    Are you planning on adding WW2 helicopters in the game like the Hind or Mil Mi-24, Huey, chinhook and little bird??

  3. Is there a plan to add the 5th Armored Division patch art to the "Allies Tanks" decals? Or anywhere else? My father successfully through 1945, drove a Sherman tank in the 5th Armored Division named the "Death Dealer." My username in War Thunder is DeathDealer45. You guys ROCK!!!

  4. Good bye E-series hopeT-T, thank you you all lame virginal micro-penis hardline "please no prototype/blueprint/paper tank" haters .I.

  5. The claimed E series weren't to be superweapons, they were a standardized line hetzer replaced with E-10, Jagdpanzer IV with E-25, Panther with E-50, Tiger II with E-75, and the prototype Maus with the E-100, all sharing as many parts as possible. At least, as I heard about it

  6. When your team is full of seagulls and there is a single plane/piece of bread left on the enemy team MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE. in game name: denajetta

  7. Hey Gaijin, you are still going forwards in armor technology and generations. And what abou going backwards? Like WWI tanks or just tanks like Pz I or T-38

  8. If I can play an aircraft carrier on world of worships when will we have naval battle please give a date not an eta

  9. Hello Gaijin, very serious question here. will there ever be any horns on tanks? Forget that it was a joke I don't even find funny. Anyways, will there ever be more countries/nations?

  10. Attempt number: 9
    Hey Gaijin, is there plans to add any more servers?
    I am in New Zealand and the minimum ping I can play on is around 200 so an Oceanic server would be awesome.

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