23 Replies to “War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 88”

  1. Hey Bruce and Gaijin, just wanted to know, can you get us some Yugoslav wars stuff in the game? (Maps,Vehicles,Camos)

  2. 1:02 "out standing loud?"
    Boy if that was the case it wouldnt have gotten its,nickname "the whispering death" now would it?

  3. Oh Man!!! I would LOVE to actually get a few of those specialty Spits! Beautiful paint jobs. Especially the leaflet German version and kawaii Japanese version.

  4. I found that it is fairly easy to set fire to the Abrams' fuel tanks reliably from the front by actually hitting it in the turret-ring with a 152mm HE round from a Object 120 "Taran". ^^

  5. I honestly think that the Abrams was Probably the best MBT of its time. Iā€™m talking about the quality and the functions it was required to do, the MBT was supposed to be a tank that could be used and easily adapted to any role and situation in battle and as said in the video- the Abrams really is universal

  6. Why is Abrams engine loud? In real life the engine was far quieter than a diesel or gasoline engine

  7. Salut Gaijin
    How about an introduction of IAR 80 Royal Romanian Air Force that operate in the East on the Axis side.?
    Amazing work until now šŸ‘ŒšŸ»

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