War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 90

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 90

the shooting range in this episode the story of the LA 200 the warden of the northern border the war Thunder marketplace and the how to use it hot line the developers answer questions that you've left in the comments but first let's start with how to get the most out of the t-64b 39 tons 700 horsepower and a 2 a 46 M 125 millimeter weapon that's right we're talking about the t-64 modification be the most modern powerful and desired tank of the Soviet ground tech tree we've already discussed it's performance data in a recent video t-64b vs. m1 Abrahms there's a link in the description in case you've missed it so we won't be repeating all those numbers all over again today's metal beasts will be more about playing it and not about the data as you might have understood from the same video the t-64 B's driver will have some problems in a duel against the Abrams but does it mean that the Soviet MBT is bad we wouldn't say that of course in some areas it loses to almost every tank from the same tier specifically its weak spots are its agility and slow turret rotation we could have added the reload rate to the weak spots as well but we didn't let's not forget that even though the t-64b doesn't have a fast fire rate it has the biggest caliber among the top tanks and one of the widest ranges of ammo types for this BR as well so how do you play it firstly no rushing to capture point you won't be the first to get there that's for sure instead find a couple of promising directions where the enemy might show up take position and wait for the guests to come this gameplay is all the more effective because of the size of this tank it will be a lot easier to hide compared to that same Abrams the best ambush positions for you are those where your opponent would only see your turret by the way don't ignore the opportunity to cover it and the hull with some decorators on some maps like the ash River or Corellia they will dramatically boost your effectiveness what if you don't like ambushing people well there are always the smokes you're not very fast and the lower glacis plate isn't very well protected but they can't kill you if they don't see you right a couple of the t-64 bees can cover the assault of the whole team using their smoke grenades and the ESS by the way it doesn't only have the biggest caliber in its class this tank also has 5 9m 112 ATGMs piercing 650 millimeters of armor with those you can get to even the smartest of your opponents at almost any distance just remember to take a well covered position before you shoot you can't hide all that well with a 4 kph reverse speed and finally there's another special thing about the t-64b an absolutely amazing ceremonial camouflage it has zero extra efficiency but boy does it look marvelous and now the story of an aircraft that everyone needed but nobody used [Laughter] Mao Zedong was wrong the atom bomb was no paper tiger the threat was very much real and after thousands of bombers turned Germany into ruins the next in line was the USSR but the consequences of atom bombing would be massively graver moreover news coming from America contained information about new transonic bombers that would soon be delivered to air bases in Alaska and in Western Europe what would the Soviet Army do if the Western countries were dare to pull off something like the operation unthinkable best case they would attack from the European borders where the USS had Air Force divisions and air defense systems but they could also attack from the North Pole and in that case all of the north of the USSR was open to the enemy a huge hole in the defense several thousand kilometers wide no amount of anti-aircraft guns would cover that thus the USSR needed a new special type of aircraft a high-speed interceptor with a very powerful radar it should have been able to fly for a long time waiting for a threat to come and in that case speed up and destroy it with one blast before it delivered its deadly present to millions of civilians but the problems started even before they began creating it in the late 40s the USSR didn't have a suitable jet engine they had to use the descendants of the British ones the ninh and the derv and then it turned out that traditional layout of the engine wouldn't let the plane speed up properly as the drag run would be too powerful that's why they decided to use unconventional methods in all three construction bureaus that worked on this project McCoy yawn and Gurevich created the a320 pavel sukhoi presented the su-15 and simeon lavochkin ended up with the LA 200 the best of them he placed the engine at an angle and the decision proved to be right the Interceptor could speed up nicely and it's 337 millimeter n 37 cannons could quickly destroy any bomber since the other two interceptors were worse lavochkin had to deliver on his own he worked his soul off without noticing the troubling aching in his chest there was no time to pity himself the command demanded a new radar and several options please and the plane itself could perform weirdly in the sky because of the unconventional layout in the end the aircraft was ready and the air defense command demanded its immediate production and then something happened that could have been predicted even should have been but the task didn't mention it at all world engineers started creating air-to-air missiles and they quickly became the first choice for interceptor jets the military were about to demand another round of changes to the L a 200 s construction but it was impossible not because the USSR didn't yet have an air-to-air missile but because it would mean creating a completely different aircraft the Titanic work of Simeon lavochkin was in vain the military preferred the Yak 25 now Alexandre sagir vicha khalaf did it all right he waited until the USSR had the right engine he took precautions to ensure that this aircraft could carry guided missiles and most importantly he installed a brand-new and very powerful radar the L a 200 didn't have a chance it never got in the sky again the time of air cannon fighters was coming to its end camouflages are probably the most popular kind of user made modification in the game until recently there weren't many of them and the good and unique ones were even rarer but now we have a solution to that problem welcome to the warthunder marketplace first let's establish that this is still a work in progress we're testing and refining it daily but even now the players can buy and sell camouflages chests and even rare machines all the prices are set by the players themselves except for the value of the keys this one is fixed you might want to keep an eye on the prices once in a while if you want to profit here a couple of days of active trading and a player might turn into a successful stock broker how does the marketplace work and how not to go bankrupt let's figure it out first things first as you well know every warthunder player gets crates with battle trophies every once in a while as long as he is active at least 50% of the time and playing on tier 3 Tech or higher in the crates you can find some coupons for skins or rare tech from now on after getting those crates you get to decide how to use them you can buy keys on the marketplace and open them or sell them locked or open them and sell the coupons or forever bind them to yourself because once activated on your account the coupon can't be sold on the marketplace let's say you need a key to open a crate you have go to the marketplace that resides at trade gaijin dotnet find the key push the purchase button and there goes nothing instead of the product you'll be asked to purchase something called a gjn that is because the marketplace only works with in-game currency that's called a gaijin coin you can't mine it but you can definitely buy it one coin per US dollar pick the desired amount pay with well what's comfortable to you and see your in-game balance grow time to go back to the market and grab that key now as we've said the keys have a fixed price but all the rests like coupons and crates can gain some value while you're a way to get some coins if the money isn't the question you can buy it like that but in other cases better leave an order to buy the item at a price that's okay with you if it's reasonable sooner or later they'll be a player who is willing to sell this item faster and at your terms even though it would cost him ten or fifteen percent of the average deal but what if you want to trade but don't have enough money time to sell stuff as we've already mentioned you can sell your battle trophies even if they aren't open a couple of those will get you enough coins to get a simple camouflage or something like that remember that in order to get the access to the marketplace you have to enable two-step authentication in your profile that way your account and your savings will be safe from an unauthorized access also keep in mind that the gaijin coins can be used to purchase things in our shop as well you can save a lot of real money on buying Eagles and premium access as long as you're successful on the marketplace get ready for the traditional last part of our show hotline developers answering questions from the comments the first question was asked by a user called Josh kawaman how long does it to take to come up with the script for this show so the people can tell if you're being sarcastic or not as well as you might have noticed the shooting range is a weekly show so each episode takes about seven days to produce the scripts take about half of that time with all the editorial work etc a player called Liam writes can you place add the Swiss Army primate everything we've said about the plans in the previous hotline is true except for the uganda part probably we're digging a lot of information on the world tank industry and the next nation heavily depends on the country where we'll find the most of it by the time we finished with the first wave of the Italian tanks for now we just can't say anything specific on the next nations high by says how do I make a user made model hi there all in all it's not easy here's an oversimplified version for creating a new model and we mean it really good one of a kind that actually makes it into the game from time to time first you need to spend a lot of time digging up the information about the performance data sizes and all the other parameters of the real thing for your future model then you need to know well modeling and texture creation then combine it all together implement and calibrate your model within the game some coding skills will come in handy as well and then publish it at live warthunder comm actually if you create a topic on our forum and take time to write about the creation process of your model from time to time the developers might find it and give you some advice modeling is surely not easy but it is also fun and the last very serious message was sent by a player called milkis what number can I say that of you well who are we dystopia that's it for today but feel free to write your questions in the comments below we do read them all and you might see some of them answered in the next episode if you like what we're doing don't forget to subscribe to our Channel I'll see you on the shooting range you

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  1. two step authorization is THE most idiotic idea of all idiotic ideas Gaijin had
    i don't use GOOgle and no way i will, i don't have android or smartphone and i will never have.
    So Gaijin no money from me.

  2. Gajin Will u ever be able to change camouflage condition/scale/rotation on aircrafts like on tanks???

  3. Hello Gaijin, do you please add some prototypes of planes and tanks ?
    I bet you don´t read this comment, but anyway.
    Have good day 🙂

  4. The War Thunder Marketplace, reminds me of the horrifically difficult to use and ever-changing Crossout marketplace. Also, about Crossout itself. Maybe I s#cked at Crossout, but I personally never liked that Marketplace nor the pay/trade to climb the ladder style of gameplay. I know you guys don't work for free, but Crossout isn't my type of game. I really love War Thunder. So I hope the War Thunder market only stays being a decal/camo sell/buy place. Not parts, upgrades or even normal tanks in tech tree's.

  5. Hey war thunder, will you guys ever add German flak artillery that moves? I think flak would be cool to shoot down airplanes in tank arcade battles.

  6. You mentioned the fact that the La-200 wasn't used due to its lack of capability to handle AA missiles – Is there any chance that sometime in the far future, War Thunder will get aircraft of that era (i.e. 1960s-1980s)? I'd love to see the MiG-21 in-game.

  7. Will change the requirements for the Wound Badge and Purple Heart so RB players can get them? BTW i love you guys…

  8. Will there ever be the ability to sell researched vehicles to other players so that you can get some more GJN? Like for example you research a MBT 70 and can sell your access to it to someone else on the market and you have to re-research it for yourself?

  9. in arcade match, where do i put my tiger ii H? since the ferdinand is 7.0 now, and in realistic 6.3? for real? are we having more tanks in 6.3 to research on before we can go to leo 2 K? or we are abandoning the 6.7 german battle lineup for tanks (in arcade and realistic too). thanks

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