War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 94

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 94

the shooting range in this episode how the Americans were building the Abrams for almost 20 years the tandem ma I a loser that provided the victory hotline developers answer questions that you've left in the comments but first let's start with getting inside the new German top the leopard – Kay Tigers Panthers leopards Pumas and even a cheetah as you might have noticed the German engineers were very much cat people today we have one of that tribe in our test hangar the new top tank of the German tech tree also known as the leopard 2 K this is only a prototype of the legendary machine but it already can fight the Abrams and the t-64 as equals inside awaits of 1,500 horsepower engine giving this tank an opportunity to go 50 to 60 kph offroad depending on the surface in the Fulda gap or the fields of poland you can reach as much as 63 kph until the first turn of course reverse speed is also very promising 50 kph even though it'll take a bit more time to get there full 360 degree turn around takes about 20 seconds basically it's a very agile and maneuverable tank the armament is another case though from the one hand we've got a very sharp smooth bore 120 millimeter cannon the reload rate is only 6.7 seconds turret rotation a hole 40 degrees per second even elevation angles are great from minus 9/2 plus 20 degrees or what's the problem then the ammo the leopard 2 K has only two types of shells the apfsds called the DM 13 piercing 414 millimeters from 100 meters and a heat FS shell the DM 12 going through 650 millimeters of armor the second one is good no questions there but the DM 13 can't always damage some of the heavily protected enemy tanks especially from a distance on the other hand you can save the main ammo for those months and use a great 20 millimeter automatic cannon with 750 bullets to fight the less protected targets technically the armor is spaced but it protects only from a hundred and seventy millimeters of piercing damage which is almost ridiculous on the other hand the first hit won't always be your last of course the tank suffers from apfsds shells but they don't damage it very much if you got hit you can set a smokescreen repair and get back in action just remember that all aches smoke grenades detached simultaneously and there is no ESS so be careful don't jump in front of enemy shells and use your smokes wisely so how do you play this German tank it all depends on the dynamics of the battle in the beginning rush to capture a point after that either go sideways and greet those who try to flank you or let those with better armor go forward and follow them what you really don't want to do is rush through the middle of the map drawing everyone's attention the name of the tank speaks for itself it needs to hide find the target attack change positions and continue the hunt you've been waiting for some tank stories for a long time haven't you here's one for all you tank and enthusiasts the m1 abrams is one of the most popular tanks to discuss some say it's a lot better than any soviet tank others that it can be penetrated not just with a rocket launcher but also with an ak-47 assault rifle in front and in the side alike well today we'll add something to the discussion on the subject of the history of this u.s. MBT in the early 1950s the Americans introduced the patent 3 into service and immediately started creating something that could replace it at the time the tank industry was developing at great speed so there was no point in losing several years waiting till this one became old the military wanted a lighter cheaper and more compact tank that could operate in nuclear war conditions the engineers prepared two projects the light t95 with a 90 millimeter gun and the heavy t96 with a 120 millimeter one the tanks had to be so unified that the turret from one could have been installed on the chassis of another without the problems of different masses by the late 50s the prototypes were ready but the program was cancelled the military decided that the new tanks wouldn't be much better than the old m48 so the works on the t95 stopped and the engineers started working on the m60 within a couple of years the military once again was ordered to create a new MBT this time the development was partially American and partially German as the Germans needed to replace the first leopard technically the mbt-70 was a very modern tank all the crew was located in the turret the driver was in a rotating capsule and the 152 millimeter gun with an autoloader could launch atgms though there was a problem with the armament as with the case of the t95 project the Americans had also closed the works on the smoothbore 120 millimeter guns the mbt-70 prototype wasn't completely ready it had to be refined in so many ways but even in this state it proved to be amazing the problem was with the price 544 million u.s. dollars was a breathtakingly huge amount to spend on one tank so this project was also closed the Germans started developing a completely new tank while the Americans decided to reinvent the same mbt-70 but cheaper and they did but the price was still huge plus the military suddenly became disappointed with a 152 millimeter gun all in all in nearly 20 years the Americans couldn't find a way to replace the patterns yet they gained a great understanding of how one should not build an MBT and the military realized what they actually needed now they ordered a new machine cheap and more traditional in 1973 the completion for the project consisted of only two contestants General Motors and Chrysler the first presented a very traditional tank with a diesel engine and a 105 millimeter gun the latter ones placed their bet on a turbo shaft the first machine was cheaper but the unusual engine gained the military's attention and after a couple of Corrections Chrysler managed not only to refine the project but significantly lower its costs which won them the victory that's how the abrams was created for its time it was a well protected and agile tank and also quite deadly especially after it got it's 120 millimeter gun the question is should they have replaced the diesel engine with the turbo shaft and which engine type better suits this tank anyway but this question we won't answer today and now a story of yet another aircraft that you can get in our world war ii chronicles event there's nothing unusual in how this aircraft looks no really absolutely nothing the idea of a plane with tandem wings first became popular even before the Wright brothers made their historical flight from that time it kind of coexisted with the traditional aircraft designs developing in its own way there are at least two great advantages of the tandem wings that really attract the engineers firstly the plane is really stable midair as both wings work on that without interfering with one another unlike traditional biplanes secondly there are two separate wings which means each of them can be made shorter and that would severely decrease the weight of the whole thing why is that because the mass of the longerons increases with the length of wing not in direct proportion but exponentially it was a very serious subject in the area of wooden and mixed planes and it had a lot of sense with the appearance of the duralumon ones as well before World War two each country with a strong aviation industry had engineers who were the prophets of tandem planes in France Maurice de LAN created the ad ten fighter in England the Westland company created a whole family of aircraft with tandem wings and in the USSR the greatest of them all in this area was pure two Dmitrievich Goshen an inventor and a future academician from the early 1930s he was actively searching for solutions to the tandem wings first he created a light aircraft called the @tr brionac or in translation the little October and even became part of the parade on Red Square performing a fly past then Grusin decided to create an aircraft that could actually support the ground forces during a battle since the war was clearly closed by the end of 1937 he created a flying prototype of the Moscow Aviation Institute tandem or simply tandem ma eye it could take off at a very low speed had great maximum speed and maneuvered like crazy even though the pilots technique would have been quite unusual to handle it no under the military liked this bird but of course there were some problems at higher speeds the plane would not stay on course and they had to calibrate it innumerable times until it could there was no armor as Grusin was creating it for his own academic purposes and had little idea of what the military would demand of his creation for the same reason the tandem MA I was flying without any armament and with installed guns the speed dropped dramatically the engine was a piece of work as well there was only one that actually fitted in and it was highly unstable couldn't provide enough power and as if that wasn't enough they made it in very limited quantities and distributed to the factories literally one by one this was exactly the engine that killed Valery Galef the famous test pilot and hero of the Soviet Union and he was flying a perfectly normal Polikarpov fighter and not an aircraft of the very unconventional design ultimately the tandem ma I never reached mass production even though it was approved and recommended for service instead the military gained the su to a classic strike monoplane aircraft far more easily motorized you might well ask what was it all for why would GRU Shin fight over the project lose sleep and waste the nation's money if it was clear from the start that the traditional planes prevail in order to understand that let's remember why he became an academician in the first place have you heard of the s75 Dvina defense system or possibly you've heard about its other name the sa-2 guideline pure turd room eat three of each Grusin was precisely the person who invented the surface-to-air missiles with tandem wings for it and they had cost the USSR enemies a lot of aircraft all that experience he gained whilst he was working on the tandem ma eye and it allowed him to come up with a solution to close the skies of his homeland from enemy Scouts for good and since we're talking about it the modern s-300 missile system also known as the sa 10 grumble was also created under his control all of it started with the tandem ma eye the little plane that couldn't get ready for the traditional last part of our show hotline developers answering questions from the comments the first question was asked by a user called epic blitzkrieg 87 what is the biggest obstacle in adding rank 6 aviation either mate the biggest obstacle would be balance but not just in the battles as our creative director Kiril has mentioned in one of the latest Q&A videos it's quite easy to introduce only two kinds of equal planes for example the mig-19 and the f100 with not so effective first generation guided missiles but firstly five other nations won't get that and will simply suffer secondly the game would turn into a simple duel and we don't want that thirdly those guided missiles would be equal against each other but still to opie against say the top tier bombers there are too many problems with balance of all sorts and until we figure those out the tier 6 planes will have to wait a player called gameaddict zero nine asks more leopard variants as well we do have a new leopard in the works so stick to the future updates mate then there's a question from Minnesotan gaming possibly you'll remove the 2-step authentication and stuff to be able to access the marketplace and also when will you be able to use the steam money to buy gaijin coins I'm eight no we won't lower the security measures to access the marketplace as that would increase the risk of your in-game stuff and actual money going into the wrong hands you wouldn't want that would you as for the steam money can't really tell you anything about that for now and the last very serious message was sent by the waffle when can I request a v2 rocket strike in my mouth are you sure that the v2 will fit into your mouth that's it for today but feel free to write your questions in the comments below we do read them all and you might see some of them answered in the next episode if you like what we're doing don't forget to subscribe to our Channel see you on the shooting range you

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  1. I know I’m not the only one, but I am tired of spawn camping. It shows ZERO sportsmanship Simple solutions to fixing spawn camping.
    1) Make players in spawn zone invulnerable until the leave said zone with infinite ammo. However, kills won’t count, retreating to you’re spawn zone after you have already left it, will not give you any of the spawn protection bonus.
    2) players killed in spawn will be awarded the SP cost for vehicle they where in. Players commuting the spawn killing will not count as a kill, they won’t get any RP or EXP for killing players in spawn.
    3) last but not least suggestion, players who shoot the opposing team’s players in their spawn zone with instantly be killed and it will be awarded to the victim as a full kill.

  2. Hey gajin what about brazilian mbt? They some interesting tanks like the Osorio and the Tamoyo did you have any plan about this idea?

  3. I looked up the Leo 2K and did some research and in that found out that the amo was way better in real life then it is in game so why don't you just make the hFS 700mms of pen and the APFSDS 470mms at 500meters?

  4. War Thunder PLEASE can we finally get a weapon select keybinds for airplanes like we have for tanks? I really wanna be able to switch the active gun for my left mouse button on the fly. Pretty please!!

  5. After the reunification germany got many tanks of ussr typs from the former east german army, will we ever see these typs in the german tree?

  6. Gaijin u need to look at ur forums and fix the problems like repair costs and grind these problems have been the same sine the game came out and is causing the game to die off

  7. Gaijin u need to look at ur forums and fix the problems like repair costs and grind these problems have been the same sine the game came out and is causing the game to die off

  8. Gaijin u need to look at ur forums and fix the problems like repair costs and grind these problems have been the same sine the game came out and is causing the game to die off

  9. Gaijin u need to look at ur forums and fix the problems like repair costs and grind these problems have been the same sine the game came out and is causing the game to die off

  10. Hey guys why won’t you care about the mobile players who want to play this game

    I feel very envy cause I can’t download it in my mobile device

    One game is almost better world of tanks (WOT) which is available to PC and Mobile device

  11. Question for gaijin, are you gonna get more leopard 2s because the 2k isn’t 100% combatant effectiveness, I would suggest a little list in the tree for all of the leopard 2s further down the line because I have been watching people and I hear them say that they wish that they would like a better leopard 2 (because the 2k was a test like vehicle and never seen service (as herd from another YouTube)). If you get a better battle proven leopard 2, I would think that this would be better to you tubers. Ps I would think that you should put the German 120mm Rheinmetall in the Abrams.

  12. Any way we can see the convertible RP be tied into the gaijin market?
    Something where if things go great it’s like 1 GE = 100RP or even more , and if say the market takes a dive then you get 1 GE = less than the already unfavorable 45RP?

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