War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 98

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 98

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  1. Could you add the Willys GP ("Jeep") MB with the M2HB .50 cal ? It could be an AA the same way as the Gaz with the Dshk… And also the "Jeep" with a recoiless rifle, as a really light tank destroyer 👌

  2. Hey war thunder. Pls nerf Ai AAA. I used the P-40 above the enemy airfield and got shot to a pulp before my plane could melt of the fire caused by the first shot…. Within half a second

  3. A question.

    How come the Tiger II P's repair cost is 9,300 SL at completely stock?

    This is a huge jump, and I've only found use in it for the six free repairs I was given.

    From the 2,300 of the Tiger H1, to this, it is a large jump that makes playing the tank difficult without breaking your bank.

    The T29, an American tank with higher BR, and arguably, even better than a Tiger II H, has only 3,490 SL.

    Does that seem just a little…off, to you?

    I do not mean to insult or demean the game or any people associated with it. But this, I'm not sure why the huge jump is warranted. Soft balancing through repair costs makes that tank often not even worth the price tag.

    The Tiger II P is an especially hard tank to have adequate performance in, especially because most tanks at this tier have APHE, and can easily penetrate the turret front, it is just a large wall of SL to prevent players from advancing past Tier 3 without having to repetitively play grinding missions on aircraft because of the much better economy there to even cover it.

  4. Hellooo…Was wondering if you guys can add more ww2 era tanks ranging from 2.0-4.0 instead of adding Modern tanks.

  5. certain prototype planes from both sides were created during the war, and were quite interesting. one of these is the JU 390 amerika bomber created by germany, and is one of not many unique german prototypes that actually flew. would it be possible to see planes like it ingame?

  6. There's any ETA for fixing the ATGM glitches? Keyboard steered missiles are almost unplayable right now, even under optimal connection configurations.

  7. Hi, Gaijin.. cat wait to try new Leo2A4. Let me ask – what happend to 15vs15 battles on RB?? cant remember when last time i played full battle on RB mode.. only 8vs8, 10vs10… its BOOOORING!!

  8. hello gaijin I've been wondering if in the future they could put the cavinas of the tanks like those of the airplanes

  9. PLEASE nerf 50 cals and give p47s a ground spawn. Im SICK of getting raped by p47s because they start flying.PLEASE GAIJIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Attempt #7
    Why is there so many tanks with modeled Machineguns and machinegunners that can’t be used?
    The tier I, II and III German, British and Japanese tanks for example
    While American tanks suffer less from this issue

  11. also, can you please add the ability to use your gaijin account for ps4, I have a lot of planes on pc that I would like to use in ps4.

  12. Can you add a Scottish flag to the list of in-game flag decals?? I'm dying from being so offended! XD

  13. Attempt one: will we ever see mission editor for tanks in the future because it would be fun having proper head to head battles with only 2 different tanks

  14. I just finished watching EVERY episode of the Shooting Range… So… I'm all caught up! What am I supposed to do now???
    Also, any chance we'll ever get the F-89 Scorpion? Just remove the missiles?

  15. Will you ever make test drives/flies avliable at anytime during the game?
    I mean that you don't need to research the previous vehicle.

  16. hello i have a question ; i cant play with my t 44 because it's too expensive to repair in RB . would u reduce some vehicules repair costs in the nearly future ?

    thanks 😉

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