War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 99

War Thunder: The Shooting Range | Episode 99

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  1. Hey gajin i got alot of recorded replays that i think its impressive
    But i dnt know how to send so. Help pls

  2. Hey war thunder I found this interesting tank I found and its like the Maus but with a tiger2 hull and I’m wondering if your able to add it in it’s called E-100 but this is just my thoughts for the game.

  3. AaaAAhhha"!! I already whatched this vid a few days ago and know i know! … U …. U with ur "from a Distance" talk. Thx 4 the ear worm i carry around for days! -.-

  4. What about some bulgarian planes? Or at least german planes with bulgarian skins – maybe as premiums?

  5. PLEEEEASE give us the I.A.R. – 81c on German tech tree as well, or any other I.A.R. 80/81 …… I want to complete my Romanian roster! ^_^

  6. Hey Gaijin, I just thought of something, I remember when War Thunder had 20 tiers of planes, are we steadily going back up to that point with the tier VI tanks? Will the 20th tier come out in a patch 5 years from now?

  7. Attempt #8
    (I won’t stop y’know)
    Why can’t we use machineguns on so many tanks? Even the weapon and the gunner are modeled.
    The tier I, II and III German, British and Japanese tanks for example
    While American tanks, like the M2 with 6 fully functional Mg’s, suffer less from this issue

  8. Will you add the A10 Warthog? I mean you added the M1 Abrams (developed in 1978) and the A10 was developed in 1977.

  9. I wan't to buy the XM1 for my birthday ( 10 june 🙂 ) but I only have 50€… 🙁 Do you think the AVRE is a good idea?

  10. The real perk of a Heavy fighter is; if one engine goes out, the other will take you to the scene of the accident.

  11. Gaijin if you lower the repair cost of bombers in my opinion will stimulate them to not climb to space just because if they bomb and go down to try to gunship fighters they will find out that it's more profitable. So can we see this as an option

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