Water Sports : How to Do a 180 Air on a Wakeboard

Water Sports : How to Do a 180 Air on a Wakeboard

Hi, I'm Greg Lawrence, with LakeLessons.com,
and I'm here to show you how to do an Air 180. First, as in all things wakeboarding,
you always want to have the handle down close to your waist. In an Air 180, you're adding
the element of doing the 180, which you should hopefully, already be doing on the surface
of the water, to the air, which is the jump, so what you're going to want to start out
with, is a moderate cut outside the wake, on your toe side. Set up, come back in on
your heel side, and as you leave the wake, you're going to want to rotate the handle,
across your body, and put it in your back pocket, and get ready for the landings. One
of the most important parts of the Air 180, is on the landing, you want to cross your
legs, but maintain your forward momentum, meaning you don't want to land on your heels,
or you'll slide out. You want to land on your toes, and continue that cut, outward towards
the wake. I'm Greg Lawrence, and that was Air 180.

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  1. Mrrampagej: Ye fins are really good to learn to wakeboard. So you can get up on tot he board and learn to turn heelside and toeside and to learn goofy and regular riding and maybe some small jumps on the wake. After you're that comfortable on the board the fins should come of ASAP. When I took the fins of I hated it because the board was so loose on the surface, but when i got used to it, well I never going back to fins. And I just got a bit more expensive board that grips a bit better then my old cheap one. So now I love to ride it with no fins. Grips good in the turns, but is really loose when doing a switch.

  2. So I can switch 180's and can do a regular 360 but I only land regular 180's like once out of three times -_-
    just can't pull the handle down to my hip, always forget haha
    i'll try them again tomorrow after watching this thanks

  3. So, can you wakeboard with a pontoon boat? I imagine you would be able to do quite as many things, but it's possible, right?

  4. i landed this on accident
    1st time wakeboarding i try jumping next thing i know i did a 180 and next thing i know im doing 360's i might be a natural =)

  5. First the awful slalom video, then a wake board video where you're trying to describe what someone else is doing.
    Just let Ross describe what he's doing and you sit out, you're not an expert.

  6. take off all removable fins, lean back as you start to turn and get turning in a fluid motion. Be ready for the shift in your weight and keep your toeside edge out of the water as you start your spin. it can either help or hurt to do it while going over or on the top of a wake because less of your board is in the water making an easier turn but harder balance.

  7. im new to wakeboarding.. i can get up ride and go side to side. i would like help if possible on what to do next. by board is a hyperlite and on each side there are 2 fixed and one removable fin. how should i do a surface 180?

  8. I ride with fins…however I haven't had a chance to ride without fins and I can tell you it's not very forgiving if you don't land perfect almost. I'm not very good so of course it could be just me. I'm gonna try no fins next time I go out..I get the feeling it'll be a lot more forgiving and hopefully it'll give me a little bit more slippery feel. With fins I feel stuck sometimes.

  9. DO NOT START TOO EARLY if you do you will face plant from in the air… i did and hurt my balls:( also dont land on your heels 100% guarenteed you will not land it.

  10. i can almost get an air 180 but cant come close 2 a surface 180. do i need 2 move my weight or take out my middle fin or wat?

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