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  1. Backroll was the first invert I learned. A backroll is basically just a continuation of a progressive cut. As you cut harder up the wake and start to take off, imagine throwing the nose of your board over your leading shoulder.

  2. well some say the tantrum is kind of easy but i think the backroll is a little easier. You feel a whole lot more comfortable while flipping because you are able to see your landing a lot sooner. You really have to just go out and try it because until you do your gonna be physicked out. Honestly your hardest crashes are gonna be on your spins and raley based tricks. so just go and try it. you'll flip fine.

  3. dude you got mad skillz, you make is look so easy. like i love to snowboard but this vid makes me want spring/summer to come so much earlier. Question though where are you wakeboarding the water looks amazing. I live on the Chesapeake Bay so the only time i can get that flat is if I go on days where its code red and no one is out

  4. @trev95ify keep holding on to the rope. i'm guessing you're letting go early because you feel like you arn't getting it right. you gotta keep holding on, the rope will pull you the rest of the 360. the last 180 happens at the last second from the line tension pulling you around

  5. @rafarox101 it is called a whirlybird cause you are technically spinning upside down and it is like a helicopter hence the name whirlybird

  6. Such a tricky flip! Practicing it on the trampoline helps a ton to get the feel of the rope whipping you around on the 360

  7. @ritzcrackers27 if you are used to flipping go your normal speed but if you feel a little sketched out maybe take it down 2-2.5 mph. i normaly ride at 23 mph so if were going to slow down i usually go to 22mph. doesn't seem like that much but it makes all the difference.

  8. i am going to start trying these after a competition this weekend and they seem pretty easy. im not sure if it just looks like it is or if thats just because it a pro thats doing them but they seem pretty fluid and not hard to get around

  9. very soft deep powder may be closer. but you do lean forward wether you notice it or not. you are on a mountain and is slopes steeply forward. and you are deffinately not leaning back against a rope. idk if you have wakeboarded or not but i think you would understand if you had.

  10. i just landed my first whirly the other day. it was tight. but ya snowboarding and such can help you understand how to edge. but the difference is you lean back on a wakeboard and forward on a snowboard so your muscle memory on a snowboard could make it a little tough at first. but getting up is hard for some people and easy for others. key is letter the boat do the work and thinking of the board as the wing of a plane.

  11. they are two very different tricks and are both executed in a very different way, dont go thinking because you can do both its going to be easy landing a whirly bird, but keep at it and you will land it 🙂

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