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  1. Does someone know a video for a more proffecional wakeboarder? Heve done wake for 11 years now, since i was 5, but i am looking to land a 360 and i need bigger air

  2. Who cares if he looks like a total douche bag, he's teaching you something you want to learn and doing it efficiently >_>

  3. What is the length of the rope and should you do with the handle, should you pull it closer to your hip in the air?

  4. im goofy footed riding a long board i get up regular just do what ever feels comfortable …..it is easier 2 jump heelside because u have more balance. Do u have a wakeboard tower?because if u dont tht id probaly why u are only juming half os the wake

  5. is it easier too jump the wake on the heel side edge or the toe side edge?
    I've been wake boarding for around 2 years now and i wakeboard goofy foot but when i skateboard and surf i'm regular :S should i try change my stance?
    and for some reason i can't enter the wake heel side i can only enter toe side
    i can jump half the wake toe side but thats it
    i'm really worried that I've stuffed up my wake boarding by learning it goofy when i'm actually a regular
    help please !! 🙂 thanks

  6. I'm dealing with a really small wake and cutting a and popping as much as possible would a ballist help get me over the second wake

  7. @whoooooooosaskin i dont have a wake tower and i can clear the wake, jus keep cutting hard and shorten the rope if needed, i jus work on the pop he says where you push out with the heels

  8. can you get all the way acroos the wake without a tower? dont have one and cant get all the way across 🙁

  9. @rqmproduction You can jump but you won't get much air.
    Alteast, that's what I think. Cuz I can barely jump cuz I don't have a tower. 🙁

  10. @schoolssuck I don't have a tower either. Haha.
    Maybe, that's why I can only get like 6 inches of air. xP

  11. Can someone tell me if I, as a beginner, should use the fins that came with the board. If so should I use 1 or both of the fins.

  12. @thejudgevideo so nothing? just stfu if you are stressed or something. watch the vid and keep on youtubing. no hard feelings

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