the fridge I wasn't sure how that was literally you know what's gonna be even more fun than that 45-minute fridge drop amen brother 500,000 works is nothing to sneeze at that is correct course and asked for the fridge which is the first three days after our ploy everyone link in description ever walk couples big mix back and so is the contest heron and the contest this week is how long it's gonna take us to get this fridge to the very top is Turner to enter step and if you're the closest you know or Diane will first floor boys looking good ah hey boy between pick up the pace you might do it in under half a oh mighty poor now here we could have just turn it off but we're better than that so we're gonna get eight other items and we're gonna play bocce from the top everyone wins now let me hit you with the items here we've got TV lazy boy microwave fridge washing machine dishwasher toilet basin head shelf bang that is wild yes that's 3h and away we're gonna do it is like a dryer off system rock-paper-scissors now with the number one pick in the HR draft for 2018 what do you go relax oh you're on the clock gone Basin vacation am I not allowed to yeah yeah yeah yeah all right Santa's on the clock for the second pick and he is gonna go the fridge yeah that was like the runaway number one I want to throw the fridge up Heron third pick what are you going to pick I'm going washing machine fourth pick fourth pick I'm going the TV the 55-inch thank you very much with the fifth pick I'm excited lazy boy pick six you know you just got to do your business song on the toilet yeah boy bookshelf it is thank you very much coming up good with pick eight in the HR draft Stanford selects dishwasher I've got all the biggies Nightfire selection you know usually you just have to get draft this is the order I don't get a choice this is microwave that's mine yep how good was this now I'm at first and I know what you're thinking the selection was a little weird and it was but what the boys don't understand is why playing boccie this beautiful basin made out of porcelain it's gonna drop like a rock everyone I think this one could just about get me the winner hey Scottie hey have you got the Bella get stuff that's my friend lon how's the paint job you guys ready yeah say 2 1 give it even up there sing okay so I've overdone the throw a little bit which is a little bit disappointing gave it a few too many berries but it's ceramic it's smashed and there's a piece very close there's um what I would call the basin Stanford's hey Scotty yeah this is your might not are those big close-up ah that's not that's not the biggest you gotta go off your biggest pace did we specify that in the rules didn't mater let's let's have a vote majority rules about voted me can't say I'm wrapped about it be honest sometimes in life you got to be the bigger man and in this case I'm the bigger man and it's good to be a big man yes my – we need a drop pipe the bookcase and the TV well that's just too bad really so you just gonna run with the Bison not showing some charity some charity for your bad picking Myra Heron can spare the mark alive what stuff make on sand I do a lot for you all right then some people want a temporary crown heron but when you're generous like this yeah the external crown might smell go on sand you're lucky all right that's like a foot away that charity is coming a big cost to us ha ha and you know what I'm not even sad about it we've given him a chance and I feel like we're good bikes for it hashtag Herron has a good soul Thanks yeah Jake oh sorry yes Aaron if you're gonna be generous you got to do it with a joyful heart yeah really happy for you Scott that was great perhaps I'm chuffed sarcastic general cities absolutely blowing hope me house is still home when I get there Spray time so I've got a real confident Heron for win on the back of they were cheeky digging gone sand little 44 club on top thanks to you guys for always watching the videos toilet over the edge Donnie over the edge I can see it too alright one drop wowzers happy with my placement oh it's close where's my biggest pay biggest pace is this one that's pretty good yeah it's not winning but it's pretty good somebody's closer concen yes Stefan you got charity alright don't throw it back at his face I know but if you win it's cuz of him it is remember that be winning next that's my big ticket item washing machine hey well it's gonna take some pretty big hoo-ha to get it over the edge he's gonna need it oh I can see the white goods I mean you didn't win here but heck that was Oh Stan for those hilarious it's going to be fine that was a big bang stamping like big bang yeah part of the blessing of this channels we take things that are broken and we give them a roofing last hurrah it's got a quick game update microwave here that Scott's mine to here and here so currently out of out of contention then alright spray-painting done ready to go dishwasher first let's have some fun alright dishwasher is big oh wow here we go Oh crash bash it actually has not moved it's just plunk straight down this distance here definitely isn't closer than that oh my toilets obviously I'm in second place out of Lagos and the microwave is still in the wind they were here yes these things when rollers hit yeah it did not know how is that just bang but it's the talk time are you ready for the lazy boy Bret there's one thing you're forgetting what get the Bell home alright here we go lazy boy for the win by same fire this is crazy no and it's landed up front well that's close well that's close I've got you gone said he's got it he's in the lead not so lazy boy anymore hey that just stinks when you're not winning stinks to them yeah so we're gonna try and lean the fridge on this rail and then he ease it up to horizontal and then jerseys the edge definitely one of the most insane things I've ever done I seal a fridge and it's not far off la position I'm ready far out this is insane this is big this is really big we're gonna need to ease it forward yeah okay ready get in there what's happened stop me that was wild this is not the biggest ballad move that it has really moved Stanford winds are the lazy boys got me in the wind the fridge was a bit of flare at the end just to say thanks for all you guys watching what a wild ride today was oh dude that's messed up yeah that's cool look at that I'm gonna just gonna throw this out there 1 million likes on this video and we will Chuck a fridge on a car we'll try to mate you want a game of boccie that most every game bocce anybody's ever seen and that's the end yes I owe a Stanford one get yourself some 44 Club nut merch I know we're banging on about it I will pee in your shirt just some other ones check it out kind of 30% off for the next three days yep so get around the style 44 club you guys are still here we love you the mergers for you guys then for anybody else yeah yeah and just make sure you get some merch and like subscribe comment yeah II don't forget much

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  1. Belle Delphine: what would you do if you found me in your fridge.

    Me: I'd be surprised because the other bodies in my fridge don't smile.

  2. I'm Italian and I understand English pretty well but I don't understand shit when the guy who painted the sink talks

  3. 13 minutes and 22 seconds
    Would like to see fridge full filled with water , freeze it then give it a toss. 🤔

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