We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

P: Top of the morning to you- J: aaAAAAAAA P: -laddies and welcome to P: minecraft. J: Welcome back! P: -with Jack spespis… J: Jack spes-pes? P: Hold on, Jack, there’s something right there behind you J: -wait what J: i’m scared P: Oh my god don’t look behind- J: -is it, is it enderman? J: Is it enderman? P: It Enderman! Kill!
J: Wai- wai- wai- wait I don’t n- J: Oh. J: I was gonna say I don’t need to look behind me I could just press f5 twice J: That’s- that’s secret tip for Minecraft. You don’t actually have to turn around just J: Hello, I see you. P: Not a lot of people know about this J: No P: Last episode we built – you may have noticed it’s a little different and that’s because P: Maybe someone accidentally reset the whole map and we just J: I don’t know who that could be
P: NOT NOW! IT DOESN’T MATTER J: I didn’t do it. I don’t even have access to this world. P: No one- no one thinks you do, Jack. Don’t worry.
J: – I just- I just live in it *both laughing* P: Should we just like go and explore a new world? P: see, like what we can ha- find? Like is there a village next door is- J: Oh, I wanna, I want to kidnap some people. I want to raid a village. J: I wanna steal all their stuff. J: I need potatoes!!! P: Well, then we need boats. and potatoes. -Oh, I thought I had a boat. I I’m Irish. I can’t play Minecraft unless I have potatoes- also people are pointing out last episode. You called a chicken a sheep 😀 -Yeah. -I don’t know how your brain works man -I DON’T KNOW EITHER! -Does it even works? Oh god, I’m sleeping all alone… how- I can’t fall asleep without my friend Jack-… -AAAAAAH, CREEPER!!!!! I’M RUNNING! I cant fall asleep without you Jack,Go to sleep! I’m trying D: I cant sleep without you, jack-cWait cant you actually fall asleep?-so you can see I went to creative mode to recreate what we did last Episode Oh God. Oh no! The secret! The secret is out- DeLeTe ChAt Wait, I keep typing is that you is that you I hear oh! Hi :3 “Can you see me?” We have a double bed. We have to say *no homo* before we go to sleep No. Hey, it’s Pride week. I’ll go homo~ Oh, it’s okay. Yeah, that’s what I like to hear! Sometimes you gotta go full homo for your bro- what is your horse name? My horses name is Finbar. Finbar and Jöergen has been found. I like how you immediately already know that I’ve named my horse because it’s a 2014 let’s play. You cannot play Minecraft without naming your horse get outta here. No OH MY aw I want the one with the yellow the uh yellow hair. I want blonde horse WHAT YOU CAN’T HAVE THE BLONDE ONE THAT’S A SWEDISH JöRgEn! AW! there is three there is three And there’s a little baby! There’s a tiny baby!! tiny baby horse! THERE’S A TINY BABY OH MY GOD ITS SO CUTE! Hello tiny baby! Can I- can I- aw I wanna get on the tiny baby one I wanna have like a tiny Shetland pony That’s sad damn, I just realize we can’t ride them without saddles What I can get on I just don’t ride in direction. They don’t like me. I don’t know why You can’t ride them unless you oh you’re on already cool Okay, let’s go make saddles Whatever dude can you make saddles what a frickin minecraft what a frickin minecraft wait can you make saddles? Don’t we need to kill cows to get leather? I’m a micro veteran and Can you actually make them or do you have to find them? I think you have to find them. Oh I didn’t realize that I’m a Minecraft small brain CREEPER! did you grab all the meat we had like 20? Yeah, I did hear hear lots of meat here. It’s all starving follow Thanks i think Where does meat come from? Just wait no wait keep following keep following meat is good 🙂 okay I keep follow! OH GOD IM STUCK HERE FOREVER oh there you go bye bye! Just gonna be nighttime again by the time we actually -yeah STOP GETTING SIDETRACKED! I’m not doing anything! okay, what we need to do is we need to make a what your mama is A whore? You can make whores in minecraft? SWORE! so we have a hole, right? That’s what it’s called. All right? i didn’t think that’s what you’re actually going with I was just making a stupid joke No that was it! That was the whole joke? The level of the comedy that we’re getting here. and then we can plant the wheat so we can use the wheat to tame the whore..s We can use th-the wheat to tame your mom you do that, i make our base look nice, who needs walls? Yeah, we just put flowers and they will get distraction We can go back to the mine and hope that one of the saddles drops in one of the chests that’s in there in the- In the place that sounds like an epic plan Okay, epic plan. Let’s go epic plan we do now Where where is hole? It’s right here right next to my base. you did it, epic. I don’t have You don’t have what? I don’t have coal so I blind blind but there’s lava, it’s okay I thought to make torches all you need to do sticks and coal. Yeah. why can I not make them? Do I have to make them in the thing first? No, you can make them in hand. It’s not showing you up. No, You can make in hand. I have coal I have stick. Just put- Oh you have to make it once and then it goes into your thing. See, I’m I’m a dummy dumb. I have to use the little book to build everything. Oh Pathetic bro, dude, don’t call me out like that Not all of us can play seven hours a day of Minecraft Oh, what are you busy doing? I just have five hours I’m so sorry, bro. Die you freaking skelly! oh we didn’t make shields… Oh theres lava! Oh I’m freaking out! Aw MaN I find gold You find gold impossible no one ever felt like I got- gold does not exist in Minecraft everyone know this. I’m gonna make some gold sunglasses in Minecraft gone epicly. You can make sunglasses?? that’d be pretty cool Yeah, why can’t you? Maybe you see boobs in Minecraft with them. (gasp) What?? There’s boobs in minecraft?? Oh That would make it harder for yourself for no reason. Yeah, those would not look good. You doing okay up there bro? Oh heck yeah broski. That’s what I like to hear. I Am down I went down. I found lapis and gold. Where are you? I went further down. Redstone, what? dude we can enchants now already! we can build uhh pent What? what am I saying, I don’t know okay, I found a chest. dang it. Dang, it just sixteen diamonds. No saddle! Seriously.. That’s like me when I started playing I’m like damn it. What is that garbage? What are diamonds. I FOUND DIAMONDS! Wait, did you? and Golden Apple! What?? What we’re rich Jack we’re gonna be rich! AHH I almost died! in minecraft! Okay! I find redstone so we can make like a Fleshlight. contraption. Wait, why do I make these jokes? I would like to not have my videos get claimed and demonetized. But I also- My brain very small and i can’t help it. Small Irish brain want to swear at everything I’m poison. I’m poison. I don’t like it YOU WHERE SUpOSED tO Stay thEre anD bE cAlM Okay, I’m coming back shut up! Hey, I found another golden apples Can I have I could have used that a second ago. no you don’t just eat gold Apple. No, I do ! I think I’m worthy of it. Okay. I have to find you. Yeah. I’m kind of lost as well. I’m already back and found all my stuff. No, I got poison again fucking spider. Sorry, don’t freaking making speaking. Sorry You make me smacking. I’m gonna die I’m looking for you. I’m I’m finding for you come on. Come on. Thank you health very cool Very very nice. Wait. Oh did my axe fall into the frickin lava’s? That’s so totally not epic. You can fricking but you can’t and my pickaxe? Oh. Why did you dissapear Jack, I’m sorry God I’m I’m so much better at this in my own game and now and when i play with you starting off I’m such a idiot! Here comes the Excuses dude. It was the lag I swear. Are you disappointed Gabe going up to the surface and whatever I find on the surface I will say hey man, this is where I am There you are! Do- looks its me! Wow! why you left your bed! Go bed! That was Whatever. I can’t sleep on the left hand side cause’ the oceans of the long side It messes with my internal clock. Okay, say this full homo. Eh a What? What? You like this? Wow diamond!? WHat!? Okay, we found everything but it’s a saddle okay because your pumpkins I need to make iron again cause’ I Did you do it do for you dude I just I freaking no skin right now I’m gonna have to default dance in these fools cant believe i died Alright I have I have an iron pickaxe again At least I just need to I just need to wait for iron and then I can make armor and then I can go into The caves and I hold your hand forever and not die Okay Doesn’t that sound pretty good? It sounds like a fun time, but also remember it’s also about fun time The worst series of all time I don’t need a helmet all I need are boots. No, she look like epic soldier time Thank you. Those are words that you just said I like to use word sometimes. Oh This is where you work no, no, I went that here. Ah You know what? This is where you were Just give me with site. Okay, was it was it here? Can I say it yet? No and see over here Wow, this is okay I was trying really hard to find a way out did you find did you just make diamonds in the chest? Yeah Wow, okay. creeper! oh Look look look you should to block Oh Please block bro. Oh, there’s an Enderman right there. Oh great. Yeah, that’s what I was screaming epically at. Okay, let’s kill him Let’s kill him jack. I have no shield or anything. Let’s get I’ll do the first hit three two one smile AAAAAAAAAAA For Ireland! Angry potato noises Yeah, he died like your mama, okay, you weren’t supposed to bring up like Creeper!! Full disclosure I Felix’s mom is fine. Oh I don’t know people in the comments to be like what? See I know now attack with axe is stronger. Oh my god, I learned so much this last time you learned so much and I so See if so If so destroy the world that would have been fine. Oh, hey look Hagin tortious and bread you like bread Well, you like brain Ireland. It’s it’s almost like a potato They’re not really It’s like potato but softer and made differently made from different thing, but it comes from the earth it’s fine All your food this is based on how much is like a potato yeah I have a potato scale for how much now pig not at all like potato zero out of ten Does it come from earth? Bread? kind of like a for potato Kind of like potato but not really Okay, what’s going here where we start dig ? I Think we just go like where it’s dark Creepy – creepy scrape Aves. Hey, look, maybe it’s us in alternative universe Get them to explode get them to his foot. They’re closed Dude what are you trying to do farm exp? Well It’s better to not always explode and I like to think about in life Go eat you freaking bat Okay that was in before right no, I said freaking okay do different recording lots of Minecraft episodes I know not to swear now You know how not to swear It’s so weird how you can just say Frick and not the other really bad Satan word and then YouTube’s like okay, okay We’re cool The meanings same but that’s fine. I think there’s a spider spawn somewhere Yeah, there is. Oh, it’s right there. This one is right there. I Found two spawners in my playthrough and destroy both and people got really mad. Yeah. I did the same and I’m so mad at myself Yeah Once you learn how the game works. Oh then you see it again, you’re like, oh what’s wrong with me? I Didn’t know I’m so new It was spawning. It makes sense. I don’t know why I’m still farming coal. I still have like a beginner’s mind like wow coal! You always need coal tho that’s true I Also need food. You know, I’ve bread. Yeah, right, of course you haven’t tasted it. I Didn’t see potatoes, so I thought I had no bread. I Thought I had no food Oh, there’s another chest here IRON? WHaT NaNI I want you to do with that whole commercial in Japanese. I Don’t even know how to pretend to speak Japanese to even imitated. But what? Your whole tuber simulator thing you need to do in Japanese *japanese* yeah. There you go yeah, I feel like this is going deeper Oh lapis and Oh there’s another spawner, I don’t like these. Oh, I see it. So how do you get a spawner? Then? You make sure that you can use it? You build like water tunnels. So they all go into this little shaft But like can you pick up a spawner and bring it with you? No, you have to yeah, but you can no you can’t sorry So what you do you can transport creepers like through water and stuff but generally you just have to go I Lost you again, maybe is that you I hear as your BOOM Sorry, I found lapis and iron so I dig deep. Okay, and I try to keep Up above in my head. Okay. Can you spare me some bread bruh? Oh, you mean potato call it by its really soft potato Oh Echo deepness. I Like deepness, oh it was really deep. Oh Right stone. Yeah, that’s a good sign Okay. Well we shouldn’t we shouldn’t just not it’s not good. Eh But I like shiny things You’re exploring being like we’re the diamond and I’m like, oh look shiny shiny iron. Oh look soft potatoes potatoes a Mining potato axe. Oh good. Good block Thank you see the water is still drippy drip because cobblestone Tinkle out of everybody shank It sir, it not swore it mean potato in Irish bad potato I don’t even know what potato in Irish actually is that’s such a fake Irishman Okay, dude, run level 12 we can find diamond here. Okay, we keep dig forever you go. That way I go this way Okay, and then after 20 we turn and then we meet that metal Okay, I haven’t been counting Me. Oh I found a way this just leads back out to where we were. Oh No, it doesn’t go. I just can’t wait. Yeah, I Just came out the other side Okay that even hurt okay turn now turn right. Okay, I’m turning turning turning I Can’t find you Try yet Why not Right and I was behind you. Oh really? Yeah this so just came out here I Don’t even why I’m farming redstone We’re not even gonna use it for oh, oh I got a weird glitch where I could see the ground and if we go straight here, it should be good. Oh, really? It didn’t load. Yeah use your Swedish senses to sniff out the timing I Know it’s not diamond bro. Smell it in Swedish There’s no time in there and I’m my day is ruined and I am immensely disappointed we got diamond, bro. Don’t beat down Don’t like diamonds. Bring you down diamonds. Don’t define you diamonds. Don’t define you. Wow, that’s deep I am dying It’s okay, I protect It is good, thank you. Yeah weird you first medal on there. It’s the power of soft potatoes They make you stronger did we go this way I’m just trying to find way out. There you go. It just came down the derrick tunnel I realized that I’m basically we’re basically each other’s dogs for this episode Where’d you go I Mean I’m being a Tackett. Oh, that’s not good. No. I’m out of soft potatoes You’re one of those people who gets attacked by everything Yeah, it’s called playing victim I have serious victim complex in Minecraft We’ve only gone up three floors Jack, how is this possible? I Don’t know I’m just digging straight up and building underneath me This is deep this thinks about life and that’s When life gets you down and you hit bedrock just dig up stupid. Oh, I see you I see your name tag and you’re up. I’m hitting I’m hitting dirt Yeah, I’m also blocking Daylight That’s great jack. I am happy for you All you need to do is get to level 68 and you’ll be at daylight. Actually, you can partly go to like 65-63 even Where are you? I see your name you’re so far down You gave me wood pickaxe and you ran away from me I Ran away from Eric fair. That’s that’s fair. The wooden pickaxe pirate. That’s me you running away? That’s all you bro. I am like your bro What? Then why we put minecraft together cuz add the revenue no other reason Views and revenue how have we gone this far without building a house jack? Should we even be a little bit I have a bunch cobblestone. I’m surprised we’re not dead yet in the game Well, I tell ya I don’t have a lot of help Okay, I cook. You know how some people use 10% of their brain and don’t tap into the 90% I’m the rare person that uses 1% of the brain This one other people not feel bad. So I use small brain. No, no, don’t cover all don’t cover all my friend Sorry, I just see hole and I try to fill *suggestive face*.
I see problem in life and I try fix. Happy I don’t have pickaxe. Oh, I just did proper tub. I small brain what is wrong with I I need to stop So no he okay Jack. Let me show you something really Epping Are you doing are you ascending without me? Oh Oh You hurt yourself. You don’t know I didn’t I didn’t know the bed save you I’d save my life. We needed a doorway though. Where’s their doorway gonna be front? Middle. Are you gonna put up your legs? Do you like your doorways in the middle or offset? Sets a lot about you where you like your doorways? Yeah. I’m afraid. I’m not ready to answer that question That’s a big question that’s a big question. Okay. I’m making glass Okay. Alright. Well, go ahead then. Well, I guess we’ve just decorated without planning anything. I I said I was making the glass I didn’t say I was installing the glass. Okay. Oh God I is one of those That’s a good title do you want Windows in these holes or no? Or you know why you leave holes? all holes must be Windows Okay you say Whatever you say and then I do whatever say I do. Yep Okay, this house is gonna be the envy of every minecrafter Notch will be like, okay, I buy back a Minecraft now way that I sell this game. I Only got paid a billion not worth it not worth it when they put glass in place Guys in all I understand I make mistake so much so That even Swedish, this is how speak Okay, do your best Swedish accent? Not the weird one you do This is an actual Swedish person selling this house speak. I’m Swedish Okay, Irishman I made a couple friends and I want you to think of it oh, yes, are you bringing back Some culture to our feeble home Yes, you bring in the bacon The bread and the butter baby wow, I’m so excited. We’re gonna have friends. I haven’t decorated yet though Make sure there’s windows in holes. Otherwise you embarrass me for my friends. Okay, what’d I say about friends? I take back and please save my life. Oh I see you you’re close. I Come help it it’s my destruction. I’ve been distracted. Yeah. Oh You don’t even have anything with you anymore, I love strength That’s pretty deep bro, I am half heart I am actually scared of life That was not an epic move by him Friends should I make fence wowwwww and our friends welcome. You can name one. I Want to name gray sheep and I’ll call him Grayson. No Wade gated mine. Oh You said I could name one Not the great one the great one’s mine But I like the gray one so much Okay, fine. He’s special one. All right, it’s Grayson. He’s Grayson. My grace. I agreed the gray one special one Wow epic fence, bro Great one go free sheep you over here Why are they following you? Because they sense my iron pickaxe Wow you want it, come on go sheep sheep go that way go that way sheep. I need wheat Oh No Did you kill one? No, I I here plinky plinky plinky Plinky new kill one Leaky icy wall on the ground you cheap what if I named that one? Did anyone how dare you gray sheep was coming over and you block him? Okay, great sheep gets the same Secret chamber. Okay. Wait, no Alright, wait stand back. We need to stand next to each other with wheat in our hand put away wheat? But a way to win all to see who he comes to yeah, and then whoever he comes to gets to have him Okay, I’m in same place. Okay in three two one we change to eat Okay, it came to me Fine Gracie pure I Don’t like this game anymore You cannot share sheep It cheapened the experience You didn’t freaking thanks back on this. You know what? Because sheep are special Oh No, she’s get out for me. She got me your sheep sheep sheep Come here Go back in sheep. Oh No sheep or getting out sheep coming there I made a special entrance for special sheep It’s so much nicer wait one sheep get away Kill him. Did he hmm. How dare you get here? Oh this poor little sheep He’s so sad now. He loves it. He is the controlling water Do you like it sheep? It loves it, you know happiest you get pass every day His rule is forever moist moist sheep, moist sheep Oh, moist sheep. Give us guidance in this play moist sheep You’re so hackin’ crazy What do we name him? I don’t know. Whatever your heart so desires. What do you feel like naming him? What does he feel like to you? What their sheep? Very clever He’s back ah water she I think he wants door. What does she want door? Yeah. There you go special sheep We make you tell household this is the dumbest of mine the worst Okay, what should we do next I don’t know

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    Unless you have a double chest full of stacks of it, you never have too much. I didn’t realize that for a while but I can assure you it is always comforting to have a stack of it in your inventory, and even more convenient not to have to spend hours in a mine looking mostly for coal because you ran out. Much better to collect it while you’re out on some mission or other and have a stash 😉

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    Google translate says It's prátaí by the way. Not sure that means much though.

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