Weight-Loss Transformation | Fat Burning Circuit + Low Carb Meal

Weight-Loss Transformation | Fat Burning Circuit + Low Carb Meal

sup you guys pitbull Torres with the homie Mookie is week two day one Monday man we did weigh-ins this morning right yup we didn't get the number we wanted we don't really know what Mookie's at we know he definitely dropped some weight he feels better yep right you said even in the car you just feel a lot but my shirts are feelings legs I'm leaning out I could just tell I saw this calf muscle for the first time and maybe I don't know six years or some big wrestling days depakene calves but no for real his looks lots of water in his legs so that's definitely coming down this is a lot of water way we gotta get rid of so yup Monday day one more strength training today tomorrow will be more of a pretty much like a circuit day but today we don't he'll be moving some weight so let's go all right guys first circuit for Mookie is battle ropes lat pull-downs and med ball throws he's got 30 seconds on the battle ropes 15 reps and the lat pull-downs and then 10 on each side with the met ball throws ready let's get it let's get it monk it's late night movie air to get this final let's go 50 whoa hi different time you're working out right now well tire what time in a long game hey put a lot to do but so gotta get it about mine Marco Teegarden she put in that work – sucked the first day and then you just keep building yeah I wanted to quit the first and it's a constant about it like even today you know I didn't want to be here honestly I woke up 7 a.m. and final I had to weigh in I had a final today I studied all day I took that man I was last thing I wanted to do was come work out but you know what so we got to do tell you get results go harder for your coach isn't watching that's right let's go right right finish strong baby just go three two one let's go hey you go move come on down chest up don't blow up good for maybe let's go yeah yeah ten let's go come on ding hey monkey keep on going keep on going let's go perfect turn that off let's go who's back mom that's one fine little bit up two three four ah come on six seven eight come on nine Tana school that's five four three two that's what for all right throw our roses last round let's go all right stole three circuit down another one and go Mookie I'm sorry he's doing these things faster and faster out of you how do you read are you feeling baby good get it easier man getting it easier he pushing yourself he's gonna be easy to get out of your bed go to work do what you love to do you guys got this man I'm 400 pounds getting work my pit man he has to do it we've been through the nose out through the mouth I see the comments all right guys Mookie second circuit he's got a point a prowler to him and then push it this is about 90 pounds and after that he's gonna go straight into a landmine shoulder press that's gonna be three workouts right there you ready and all these workouts too or I'm trying to his knees bothering him today he's playing basketball over the weekend I told via has to be fine basketball on this planet saw him do that but yeah he was playing basketball so I think he probably you know bothers me a little bit so this these are all the stuff that you can still do you know we got it you gotta just compromise he could've easily been like a pit my knee hurts man I can't but ready when you drive you just won there you go two three or five there you go see let's go sad man a 59 let's go three points ten five more alright let's go their head through for that only through three there you go come on – breathe breathe I think about one trying to get my breath by for that man thinking how much more she is pink little put me through but honestly man you gotta love it it's like I said I feel so much better it's all worth it we're talking I can't imagine where he's gonna be after a hundred days you know 200 days consistent you know that's that's the stuff that should motivate him and should motivate you guys when you get on this consistent grind think about all like how hard you're working on out think you know we're gonna be out in a hundred days of consistent hard work yeah off one you're already moving around better all that you feel better you're getting better sleep yes I could never sleep on his back cause he's so big he's got sleep apnea now he's getting way better sleep so that's gonna help recovery when you're sleeping you're burning calories so let's go all the way through ten one two hey ego drive three or you go all the way all right it's all the way down your chest all the way down yeah good what's tension yeah come on give me three one oh yeah we see it in monkeys and people's face not just Mookie's faces when they're just in that uncomfortable stage and that's when you know that's when you know you're getting those results man when you're uncomfortable like I said in my other videos you gotta get comfortable with being uncomfortable and Mookie's getting really good ready one is always better what's in it why perfect – that's perfect 300 HS for let's go move bye let's go six perfect come on seven hey come on let's go – keep on going nine ten all the way up let's go five let's go forward come all the way up three two No one more its fourth-quarter baby pate taught me this fourth quarter go the hardened system when people fold man this is where I gotta show up trust me my hamstrings hurt my back hurts I've been walking every night let's get it first first first first come on ready let's go come on that's one two three four let's go five six let's go we'll keep moving seven full extension hey there you go alright let's go come on let's go what for full extension three all the way down account that won't count anyway there you go get through way to finish that's how you finish don't let up and everything you got empty the tank when you work this hard you don't want to eat bad man tell you what this is way too hard to be blowing that on some doughnuts and this you'll never regret this you're going through like two minutes of pain you're not regretting it you've been in pain for the past thirty minutes you're not regretting that's where they started exactly remember you got to go through pain to get back Laurie all right for the last circuit circuit number three well he's got bench press neutral grip bench press and right after that you're gonna go into landmine deadlifts and the third and final exercise gonna be a prowler push all right you ready Mookie yep let's get it baby come on 15 reps right here that's a lot of wrist control stability oh we know one two Genesis through just three deep stretch or five took those lats there you go seven come on eight let's go nine ten five one three two that's one way up way down the way up honey there you go perfect sakes keep it going seven eight keep it going let's go that's one that's one the sore from these walks man I've been moving so long one two there you go 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 come on sumo my mind Ellis its cover get there quick get there quick [Applause] always have that sense of urgency and come on even when you're getting to your stations that's one he's out the way up to two there you go perfect for three there you go mother or her face five come on let's go baby come on six let's go come on move almost done let's go come on mental this is all I said never I know your mind's telling you shut off right now come on jamort you mark let's go he's out just up not just up he's up just up good get right there put your hand your hamstrings come over here watch the father watching this easy come on crashing three big dirty on the third round dog their corners Air Corps is the hardest together reflect yourself you got two more corners that's it you've got two more corners of your life never let me beat this work out back or day back never you never take time back rookie never take time you got snot coming out so you know you're pushing it baby well you got snot coming out your your your nose that's when you know you're pushing a man for real not so you know you're pushing you got snot coming out your nose oh you're really pushing it when you got blood coming out your nose gonna come one day you do this for yourself at the end of the day but no when you got people out there and pushing your dog motivating you believe in you can't let them down count with yourself down either I got these 15 right let's go come on Mookie that's one so let's go 3 4 5 6 7 Hey 9 come on get your breath 10 let's go five more get come on big pop boy 3 come on back here Joe okay what you're using left muscles will pick up the weight when you get lazy on your form being on hurt yourself knees out chest up just think about those two things on the way down there your knees out keep your chest up on the way up down your knees out those two things let's go six seven seven let's go he's got two of them he's not just up a mourner he's got the stuff I'm on probably push problem person there you go onto the floor hardly talk tell your breathing doctor man we got this shame it's not easy for anyone Matt Pitts Pitts always come over tell me how tired he is how hard he's worked he has it hard to man he's in pain just like the rest of us why do we complain so our mindsets weaker he's not strong mind that's why he doesn't complain that's why he goes every day and grinds it's all in the mind we all feel the same pain we all do was getting them off one two three four five six seven eight nine let's go ten five more yeah pour it all the way up oh come on up one more blood he's not just up shooting that's one that's two that's three that's four so that's five six I'm more than halfway let's go move you're more than halfway next up he's out wit he's on the way up he's up perfect he's not just up he's out just up there you go come on haha come on don't quit on me let's go oh what up let's go ah I just got back from the gym Mookie said he hit he didn't have nothing healthy to eat so I'm gonna make my chicken breast from wookie show you guys how we're gonna do this so the big chicken breast you want to fillet me want to cut well man I don't know you're so good you want to cut it in between them in the middle so nice so thick they'll cook a lot faster cut right down the middle yeah today we're gonna season it with salt and pepper I've never done this on my chicken so Mookie you're gonna be the guinea pig you like that Bravo with that pea salt preheated you always want to make sure Mookie what time does it say on the kitchen I'm 42 you want to make sure you do all the time you could close it so what I do when I chop them like that it takes me only about 4 to 5 minutes on each side and they'll be done quick if you leave them big in a fillet like that they take forever to cook in the inside and you get the outside all dry in the inside is just juicy but for this one it's gonna be juicy it's gonna melt in your mouth how's the body feeling after slaves working with you good man I was dying during it but you know now it's all over I feel great about the grub down so it's all good no carbs but you're gonna get carved from it because they season it with soy sauce ok yoni no carbs in there Boykin good yeah the viewers want to know like how do you fool I don't believe it you all right I'm sponsored by icon meals but I really be cooking my own food it's the best so I'll start you never have a sponsorship when I first started like really focusing on eating healthy I'll tell people it's like even if you there's no secret says I only know a lot of things like everything about eating healthy but if you just start off by going on the store buying your food and cooking it you lose this weight by doing that any of you don't probably exercising Sam I don't dare stand them on a day see what you see here no cheat days house it's really bomb yeah I like is probably cooked on the same girl oh that's why you that's why you just were you that's why you school man are you guys so after the workout Mookie told me he to have anything to eat healthy so I knew I had chicken breasts at my house I took him over here showing how I fillet it season it we grilled it I had some grilled zucchini – so he has real Dakini and chicken because I knew if you were to go home he'd probably be it yep to be able to cook himself a good healthy meal we got everything on the footage for you guys so yeah man how was the meal it was balling I felt good the right I thought it was you hated me exactly it was a super low calorie meal he's about to go to sleep after this you wanted to get some good sleep out there that work yeah so did you eat all the chicken by the way no I there was a breast left and honestly I was telling pee right now I just smacked two cups of water and it honestly made me fall so yes I was talking about movie about the how important it is especially how big he is he needs to be drinking lots of water a to flush all that hold those talks since he has that's making them hold that water the blood but obviously just to keep yourself full the more water you drinking it will help you keep staying more full sometimes you get those like eggs in your stomach you're just like I'm starving if you drink water right there you'll so much more better won't be having those like huge cravings so he said water's been helping a lot but yeah yeah so that pretty much closes off the video this notification goes out to culture Gaines hell yeah mouki I appreciate it man that means a lot I'm gonna keep going and I want all you guys to follow the journey yeah yeah yeah so appreciate that if you guys want to post notification out make sure you guys like comment and subscribe and trying to post up locations appreciate art okay yeah appreciate it man thank you guys for all the support and we're gonna keep getting this going and show you all can be done

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  1. For a while I had looked for this on YouTube and never found it. I've been around mookie's weight and started my jorney a couple months before this but I've never felt so fired now that I follow mookie's progress. Keep at it brother 💪👊 Pit is a real homie and a great soul keep it up man and know you are inspiring many.

  2. thats awsome Mr Torres your a person with a big heart as well as looking out for your client keep up the good content

  3. Keep it up Mookie!! You're in great hands with Pitbull!! Even the camera man helping you stay at it!! Never give up, Never surrender!!

  4. Props.. good thing u left dough boy. Selfish fool he only thinks about himself only…that fox body is tight

  5. He lost water weight in his legs ….hahah people are really buying this ?! Hey pit you know there is such a thing as bad advice right…?

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