West Bank demolitions: Palestinian homes near fence destroyed

West Bank demolitions: Palestinian homes near fence destroyed

dreams pulled apart houses branded as security risks are raised to the ground by Israeli military engineers the operation starts in the early hours of Monday morning as Israeli security forces pushed their way into the house which Ishmael obedia built and where he lived with his wife his six children and his parents fled Madrid but they didn't just destroy my house they destroyed my dreams they destroyed a family and a life Israeli authorities say some homes built close to the separation fence which runs through the occupied East Jerusalem suburb of Wadi Hamas are a security risk and have to be destroyed even though the Palestinian owners have been given permission to build here this all centers on a rule that was introduced by the Israeli military about eight years ago under that rule they said that nothing could be built within 250 metres of the separation fence here the separation fence runs up the side of the road now the Palestinian Authority is an administrative charge of this neighborhood it said it would give permission for these buildings to be constructed but the Israelis said that was wrong and they had to come down after several years of Appeals Israel's High Court finally ruled that the demolitions would not be halted it said the owners had been given enough time to comply with the law and to tear down their own homes these houses are permitted by the Palestinian Ministry of local government now the permits are being violated by the Israeli occupation forces this military doesn't care about international law or human law and doesn't respect or care about any human ethics activist groups and the Palestinian Authority said they're worried a precedent is being set they say Israeli authorities could use the military rule to demolish more of Palestinian homes we didn't know we had to be 250 metres away if I knew I wouldn't have built it here why should i I built the house of my future the house of my dreams I didn't build it to have it demolished under Israeli law owners like Ishmael who refused to tear down their homes have to pay the cost of Israeli engineers destroying them instead Rob Mathison al-jazeera wory Hamas

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  1. So, Israel, is doing to natives the exact same injustices that happened to them 80 years ago, only Israel didn’t even exist 70 years ago

  2. Great! After digging so many terror tunnels underneath of Palestinian homes by terrorist Hizbollah and Hamas , I don't be blame Israel.

  3. You don't just destroy the house a man built. I hope he can find the land and money to have a new one built. Jeez!

  4. Jews and muslim kill each others, ur killing will reduce some population , that will lower the burden of human on earth !

  5. It is violation, terrorism and crime to human rights. Terrorahellians are 100% criminals.
    They are occupants, separatists and terrorists.

  6. “Outlaw Demon Jews enforcing Israeli laws on Palestinian lands?! What right to exist for the G-dLess (Plastic) AshkaNAZI Jewish ‘Squatters!!!” 🔥🇮🇱🔥💀🔥🐍🔥🐍🔥🐷🔥🤮🔥✡️

  7. In the time of david.who is the devil??aggresor??.is it goliath??.in the time of samson who is the deceiver??.is it delilah??.who thurst the eyes of samson??.this palestinian are brutish..that allowed hamas domain there home town..fool palestinian..death to brutish palestines and long live Israel..

    Jews act EVIL because they know they have America and the "c"hristian Zionist backing them.

  9. That's not Savage thinks 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    Evil know it better, 🖕🖕🖕🖕Israel 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  10. This is occupation, oppression and ethnic cleansing genocide and a percentage of every US tax dollar is supporting it all. We are terrorists! Our freedom is incomplete!

  11. Soon It will be the biggest Burial Ground for all Zionists & their supporters………
    I want them to make this fast……but the evil has some other plans also….. So it will take time…
    May Allah give Patience to those Suffering…🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  12. We won't allow Israel to be part of African Union, we don't have space for evil in AU they can join Americans puppies and creater of evil EU.

  13. There's not a more evil state, than the fake state of The Jews-Israel. How could be a Good God in this motions and actions? it gives the answer of a fake God. Or evil God. 1 Or 2.

  14. May all zionists die of irreversible cancer and may all spineless coward arab rulers face death destruction and humiliation

  15. In sha allah allah wil soon destroys all zionist and israiel people. Just muslim brother have patience and just pray. Your time definitely coming

  16. The Jews are Evil. Where ever they go they are the source of all Evil they always. Say that the rest of humanity are like dogs and that they are Superou to all humanity they believe that the White people were made to their personal slaves that if they rob or kill them it means nothing they use the White children as their personal property and if they Murder them it means nothing so the Jews have Murdered millions of white children for human sacfrice according to own Rabbi's.

  17. ✌️🇮🇱✌️🇮🇱✌️
    איזה חגיגה לעיניים על הערבים כאן מתפוצצים מהמראות חחחח מאיימים כמו שרמוטות בתגובות ורצים לאונן באתרי סקס 😁😁😁
    יא כילאב יא חיוואנת יא ישמעאלים טפשים איך עם קטן משפיל אתכם כל הזמן ?! לא הפנמתם שאלוקים מעניש אתכם על זה שאתם חוטאים זבלות ?! כמו שאמר הרמב״ם זצ״ל:
    ״אלה בני ישמעאל ,בשרם כבשר חמורים ונשמתם כנשמת הכלבים״

  18. Where on Earth can people live without someone attacking them? No where. Why? This life is just a test from God. Prove your faith by overcoming evil regimes like Israel. Protest with truth and boycotts not violence. Protest with a loud voice, a wise voice, a truthful voice. Israeli government is wrong and will judged and punished for its crimes. Don't be like them or you too will be judged.

  19. They will continue this injustice until the return of prophet Jesus. Then, there will be no place for them to hide. Insha Allah

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