What are megasus horse runners – plastic horseshoes

What are megasus horse runners – plastic horseshoes

how many of you have heard about the Max's horse runners I'm assuming it's not so many of you this is a big product over on European market especially in Germany so I want to introduce you to this product we're going to browse over the website and just see what you think about it so let's get into it so that was pretty cool that video is very very nicely put together so I wanted to bring this to your attention because like I said at the beginning this is very this is product which is taken off pretty well and I think it's about time that that in the equine industry that some of the company has actually put together these sort of websites which are very informative now I just want to draw your attention to and the name of this company it makes this horse runners first and for my son I'm just gonna say it now I'm not been paid by this company as you know I'm a farrier hoof care professional and I'm very interested in the equine industry and very open to new products they're coming onto the market and I think is very very beneficial to everybody just to share the knowledge that's floating around so of course there's a lot of questions about these products so you're just taking a quick browse at a website by clicking on hunter product you can you're gonna see that you have thing called big free now the big free I think it's pretty much we take a look it is three different ways of how the shoe can fit onto the foot for example if you have a look at this yeah so one two three then three different sizes and they have different types of them as attachments and they all have their reasons for the three different size so this one here is the med and Rehab it's the longer attachment here and I think it's more focused on horses with things like laminitis the upper one is running fun as you can see the shape here is very different and then you have quick and stick uncomplicated quick and practical so you can have to read through this website yourself to be able to find all the information because there's far too much information for me to share with you of where these videos gonna go on for hours I want to draw your attention to this part here in the Academy no I love this part of the website reasonable bends because it's educational and I think for any new product coming onto the market and you really need to educate people who are going to be using a product so it's not just about the hoof care professional there's going to be using a product but it's very good I think for the owner to know what's going on the product or how to fit the product but I do recommend that whenever you you put a new product on a horse's feet or any sort of hoof care work it's going to be carried out there should be carried out by a qualified person and just bear in mind that there are some countries which insurances will not pay out if if the horse becomes injured through two unqualified practices so anybody that touches the horse's feet and they're not qualified some countries the insurance companies will not pay out so just bear in mind always use a hoof care professional with somebody who's qualified in my opinion so there you go a very quick video about the mexi's horse runners just an entry introduce you to this now if you if you have more interesting head over to the website you can also reach out to them they have a contact area down here so you can become a partner maybe they're selling in your country maybe not but you can always reach out to them and I'm sure you'll get a response okay people thanks for tuning in I'm going to be producing a lot more content if there's a product that I've not seen just send me a link and I'll take a look and we put that video up for you okay fit all the best take care like

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  1. we are trying something different by streaming various products and news – Have you seen these before ?

  2. I feel like I need to get a horse now I kind a have a shoe fetish after this video. Thanks for the video you rock

  3. How can any horse professional have missed this product? It's been marketed for at least 2 consecutive years… this video took away your credibility…

  4. I can only see applying these shoes for protection on a really short foot, maybe after a lost shoe that was worn off. I wouldn't carry or promote it everyday. I feel its just another wedge that is used in the barefoot world to put down the IRON age of blacksmithing.

  5. Just one of many rubbish gimmicks out there in the world of farriery. 48 hours is the longest I've heard of these staying on.

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