What Are Modular Homes? ๐Ÿก

What Are Modular Homes? ๐Ÿก

– Last week, I told you
all about mobile homes and there’s a difference between modular homes and mobile homes and I’m gonna be sharing
those with you today. It’s Take A Tip Tuesday. (soft music) Hi, my name is Kristina Smallhorn, your real state whisperer
for Ascension Parish and this week, we’re gonna be
talking about modular homes which are very similar to mobile homes and I told you all about them last week but I wanted to tell
you about modular homes. When I was doing my
investigations of mobile homes, I went to several different
mobile home dealerships and I was checking out
their modular homes as well and when I was talking
to the sales people, they were explaining to me how different the modular homes are in comparison. So I dove in deep and
I started researching how is it different to
finance these particular homes and what is the construction
timeline for these homes in comparison to a
stick-built traditional home. After I’ve done a little investigation, you might be a little
surprised on my results. I was certainly and I’m willing to share those with you today. I went to the first dealership and they, I never have been to a
mobile home dealership before or modular home dealership before so I had envisioned
people coming out at you like they do at car dealerships and it wasn’t like that at all. So I was pleasantly surprised. There was no high pressure sales and they weren’t trying
to talk me into anything and I noticed that with all
three of the places I visited. So he sells Deer Valley,
what I didn’t know which I learned is that modular homes are not much different than mobile homes in the fact that whenever
you look at a mobile home, you can turn that into a modular home and whenever you look at a modular home, you can make that into a mobile home, and what makes it different is the way that it’s attached to the ground. So all the materials, building supplies, and everything else are the same. You can have a lot more
upgrades with the modular homes but pretty much, they’re the same thing when it comes to the actual
materials that they use to build these things so I learned that and they have tons of
different kinds of floor plans. In one floor, if you like
something in one floor plan, you can move it around
in another floor plan. You could take the larger room area and move it to the
opposite side of the house or you can take the master
bedroom and move it this way. With a modular home,
you can really basically take those little boxes
and move them around any way you want to. The thing I also learned that
is that if you do do this, if you do decide to move around, it does make the time for
construction a lot longer than if you picked out a plan that they’ve already have established. So the first place, he shows this a home, he get to show us all the upgrades and the model that they have on the lot has every upgrade you would have for a traditional stick-built home. They had glass backsplashes,
they had wood beam ceilings. I mean, I was like, I was very impressed. The one thing I will
tell you that they had which is so incredibly
unattractive is that the ceilings on these things literally
looks like plaster dripping off the ceiling and he was kind enough to explain to me that the reason they do that is to hide the imperfections in the
wall from when they travel, with your pieces of your modular home. So they know that it looks wavy and bumpy and so they decided to
put this kind of texture on the ceiling, hideous,
as far as I’m concerned. It really looked like a mistake but one thing they do do
to make these dealings more appealing it is they
do offer crown moldings, they offer wood beams
to cover up anything, a mount of selection of
things that you could do to your modular home is endless but knowing this, you’re
also going to pay a lot more. So if you want crown moldings
and wood floor boards and the size of wood
floor boards, of course, it’s gonna cost you more. Whenever you purchase a modular home, they do not come with the land, so you’re thinking that
you’re buying a modular home for $150,000 but then you
have to buy a piece of land, and then you have to buy all the utilities that go on to that piece of land, so it’s one more thing
that you have to add to it. After doing some research
on several of these, I was kind of trying to pick out with it, really pan out for you
to live in a neighborhood or by a modular home. So we’re gonna go over
that in just a minute but I wanted to talk to you about the next mobile
home place I went to. Okay, so this was Cavalier Homes and the guy there was super, super nice. It was over there, again,
on Airline Highway. All these dealerships are
over there on Airline Highway and he showed us several different
options that you could do and he explained all of them. He went into his office, he was explaining the different kinds of
tiles you could use, he was showing me all the
different kinds of siding, he showed us two different
homes that were in his lot. They have high-end kitchens
if you wanted them, you could choose to have a fireplace or not have a fireplace. I mean, the options again
are endless with these, and again, he also said if
you want it in a mobile home, they can make it in the mobile home option or they can turn it into a modular home. Then the last place I went
to, this girl had it going on. She knew everything and explained it even more than the other two when it came to the modular home. She was very, very knowledgeable. This is her name right here. She really would explain everything. She even knew about the kinds
of insulation that you had and they were the only ones
that had the smooth ceilings. The second one I went to
actually had the swirl ceilings that you see in grandma’s house, those old like in the ’50s and ’40s, they had the swirl type
texture on the ceilings, that was at the second place but this one day actually
had the smooth one. She said that she thinks
that they’re the only ones that have that, I’m not 100% sure but she definitely knew
her product very well. She was explaining to me how
they put the houses together and how they worked seam lines. She explained in the type of insulation and the type of drywall that they use and how it’s energy efficient. She’s explaining how you’re
gonna take a modular home and turn it into a mobile
home or vice versa. So now, you’re probably wondering what the biggest difference between a modular home and
a stick-built homes is. Okay, the biggest
difference between the two is with a modular home,
once it’s settled in place, there is no like metal frame with a tongue and an axle and all that. It is settled in place,
it is locked in place, and it will never have
a chance to move again. With a mobile home, technically, you can physically move
that at another point but with a modular home,
once it’s there, it’s there. Few things I also learned
about a modular home is that once they put
the house on the property and they start putting it together, it has be put in on the same day. That was an interesting fact
to me, I did not know that. The other thing that
you’re gonna have to know when you’re budgeting
for one of these things is that you have to have
a piece of land beforehand or you’re gonna have to
find a piece of land, and you know here in Ascension Parish, land is extremely hard to come by. But I strongly recommend you
get your piece of land prior. And the other thing that I would recommend after talking to several
lenders here in the area is to get yourself a lender
outside of the dealership. And the reason I say that is
I’ve talked to a few people about their experience
with buying modular homes and with buying mobile homes
and every single one of them that had to deal with the lenders that were at the mobile home
facilities had problems, but the people that had
their own individual lender, it seems like they got to get their stuff done a lot quicker. With an individual lender,
they don’t pay them until everything is complete. So I’ve learned that by
talking to other people, this is not a personal experience of mine. One of the things I learned from listening to another YouTuber about
her personal experience with modular homes is
that she had a problem with the dealership itself and she couldn’t find any reviews on it and she thought it was
because they just didn’t have enough people making reviews. Later, she found out that they
erased all the bad reviews. So if any of these dealerships
that you’re dealing with do not have any kind of reviews, I would strongly recommend
finding another one that does have some reviews whether they’re good, bad, or ugly, you know you’re gonna have some people that are always unhappy, and you’re gonna have some
people that are really happy. And then, I would definitely
start talking to other people that have own modular homes. I would ask the dealership if you can talk to some of your past clients
about their modular homes and see their experience as well. If they are unwilling to provide anybody, again, find another dealership. One of the things I also learned is that when you’re dealing with
some of these dealerships, they will do free delivery if
it’s in a certain mile radius. Not all them provide that
service but it’s something to consider when you’re
putting your budget together for making yourself a modular home. With a modular home,
they finance just like a traditional stick-built
home which I had no idea. I thought it was going to be
the same kind of financing you would get with a
mobile home and it is not. It is a considered a
house, once it is in place, it is considered a house. So why is it that most
people consider buying a modular home over a
traditional stick-built home? First of all, I think they take a lot less time to construct. If you have a very short time frame, you can have a house put
together in just a few months, whereas a traditional stick-built home, they’re gonna take a lot longer. I think, the other two reason is is that you can get a lot more
amenities with a modular home that you probably couldn’t
get with the stick-built home for the same price but
with that being said, I was doing the math and I figured it out that if you do not have
a piece of land already and you go with the modular home route, it ends up being just as much
as buying a traditional house if not a little bit more expensive depending on how much upgrades
you add to your modular home. The more you add, it just seems like there is all these other
things you don’t consider when you’re getting these modular homes. You’re gonna have to put in your budget, how much it’s gonna
cost you for utilities. One of the things that people
don’t consider is a driveway. You’re gonna have to have a driveway. Where is the sewage drop-off going to be? You’re gonna have to make sure you have the proper Mo-Dad system
that’s approved by the Parish. You’re gonna have make sure
that you’re gonna be able to get electricity out
to your piece of land and all of those things cost money so make sure that you have all
those things in your budget before you figure out if you
really want a modular home over a traditional stick-built home. One thing I was really concerned
with and I wasn’t 100% sure is if a modular home was covered under the New Home Warranty
Act here in Louisiana. I was on the fence on this
but the way I read it, I believe that is covered so let me read the part
where I think that it says that it is covered under
the New Home Warranty Act. The definition of the home
under the New Home Warranty Act reads as, “Home means any new
structure designed and used “for only residential use, “together with all attached
and unattached structures, “structured by the builder whether or not “the land is purchased from the builder. “Such terms include and contain
multiple family dwellings “and or residence.” So the way I read the
New Home Warranty Act, I think that modular homes
are definitely covered and then the way that works for you is that with the New Home Warranty Act, certain structures are covered under certain kinds of timelines and if you wanna read more
about the New Home Warranty Act, I will go ahead and leave
you a link in the description and that is only for Louisiana residents. So if you’re in another area, it really won’t pertain to
you but you may wanna look at your state’s New Home Warranty Acts. Many states cover lots of new construction with their own home warranty
act so check those out. Modular homes definitely are
a great option for many people and I think that if
you own a piece of land that’s gonna be a really
good option for you but if you don’t have
the land ahead of time, and you’re looking to roll a modular home on a piece of land here
in Ascension Parish, I think you may wanna go
the stick-built route. This is just my personal opinion but after pricing everything out, it ends up being a lot more than a traditional stick-built home. But if you live in a country setting and you have a piece of
land that you wanna go ahead and put one on, that
might work out for you. If you like some more information about buying and selling your home, you can go ahead and click
this playlist right here. If you wanna know more about mobile homes, you can go ahead and click
this video right here and if you wanna know more about, anything else about real estate, you can always email me at
[email protected] My name is Kristina Smallhorn,
your real estate whisperer for Ascension Parish and tell
all this because you matter.

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