What Are You Doing? Dumbest Plays in Sports History

What Are You Doing? Dumbest Plays in Sports History

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  1. Has there ever been an instance whereas the opposing team, or home team, made a basket or TD or goal, in their opponents goal….and the rules state that if the opp team scores in the opponents goal its 2, or 1, or 6 and it won/loss game!!! So Opposing team, own goal, game winners??

  2. Okay, serious question here: does anyone know wtf is actually happening during hockey games? Cause it's just dudes randomly skating in various areas and then they cut to the puck in the net. And I'm none the wiser. It could've always been there and there's just guys making pretty patterns with their skates and it's kinda cold and there's a few exceptionally drunk middle-aged guys in the cr- BOOM! GOAL!

    Why or how? I don't know. It's just a goal.

    Even being there, live, it's just confusing.

    So I guess my question is, really: hockey. What's the point? It's boring for almost everyone, confusing for 50% of the remainder, and the remaining 10,000 people in the world who understand, can follow, and actually enjoy it; can we just send them to jail and end all ice-hockey? That'd be great. Thanks.

    Edit: upped the harshness of my hot take. On fucking ice-hockey. And yeah, I'm adding a hyphen. Don't know if it's wrong or right but it's a lot more interesting to ponder than any ICE-HoCkeY game.

  3. Jim is the only person on the purple people eaters to not be in the hall of fame because he accidentally scored a safety.

  4. The snowboarder chick. Haha. Loser. Bet you learnt the hard way that SHOWING OFF MAKES YOU A FUCKING LOSER.

  5. wait, what the frick is with the first example in this video? The goalkeeper definitely did not catch that puck and throw it into his own net…..What am I missing?

  6. What??? No Leon Lett and his Superbowl buffoonery, where as he was showboating for a TD, Steve Tasker said, not today.

  7. Poor Wrong Way.
    Have an enormously successful career, nfl championship, 2 pro bowls, 3 years all pro
    Most consecutive starts. Be remembered for the most boneheaded moment in NFL history.

  8. 3:10 why was this a dumb play? the black team had only 0.4 seconds left to hit a full court shot, so they needed to grab the ball as soon as it hit the rim, but it probably bounced off too straight so he couldn't get it and it went back in.

  9. Can someone please explain what happened in the volleyball game at 6:01??? I don't understand what the dumb mistake was in that clip. Assistance anyone??

  10. Why are all these shitty videos full of godawful american sports? American football, baseball and ice hockey are all rubbish spectator sports. Basketball is passable but there are not nearly enough football clips and no rugby, cricket, hockey, curling, skiing fucking anything other than the shitty American sports that noone actually likes, they just get told they should like them because noone else does.

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