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  1. Your videos are hard to follow, maybe it is your speach pattern, your over use of hand gestures or lack of information and generous use of "ummmm". Can you block me so I no longer see you videos? I've tried to block you but like the herps you keep popping back up.

  2. we are the most professional bow riser manufacturer in china for 8 years ,you cam enjoy OEM service from us ,mountings and wood grip . whatspp:+86 13823672210

  3. Saw a uuraka riser on the Lancaster archery supply website today for $1,049.99 without shipping or limbs…. The limbs were $999.99, I was blown away at the cost. The best(top end) Hoyt and Win&Win Risers are $799.99 with the limbs being the same price… Damn Top end Archery is expensive, but a small price to pay for a trip too the Olympics. The bow doesn't make the shot, the Archer does, but high end equipment helps with consistency. Good luck on the Olympic trials

  4. Just asking if you ordered it online and it came with limbs would you be able to choose the draw weight? I’m just starting and I need a 30 pound draw weight to shoot 50 meters

  5. These days it seems like a waste of money to buy a cheap bow. The main reason is the active resell market. Buying first riser at $400, it's quite easy to sell it for $300 a year later if "you give up on your shooting dreams". The market does not develop that fast when it comes to new products. Also – BUY SECOND HAND – it's best way to get hands on the better stuff from the start 🙂


  7. I am a beginner and planned on just going for a 600-700USD Riser. Exp. as beginner you profit from the best technology: A really well constructed bow has the lessest negative impact on the shooter, so the shot is felt to the highest purity. -> by this, learning should be quicker in my thought, aswell as I do not generate negativ habbits. I disliked your video because of this – in my feeling – neurose whom you are and whom you want to be. Your so called "just recreational brother" may have the same interest as you, me or many other in the best gear. So who cares for that display of yourself and the phrase that "you need to develope". Stick to the facts – and of these, I just heared a few. I wished you would announce interesting side facts what to consider, maybe some good deal – but your idea was different. I think I will stick to my idea and go with some 1000USD Setup. If I dont like it, it´s still worthing the same when I am selling it again. On the other hand, if I like it, I see no more investments for 10 years ore so on the riser… In my opinion the only matter in what bow to buy is your price tag. It´s like everywhere: Research for the low, mid and high sectors. Take your price tag and see that you rather decide for the next higher categorie rather than the lower, for example go with "mid -" rather than with "low+" sector. With this Idea in mind, I would go to some bow shop and present it and than listen to them. Maybe they got a better solution, so I spend a few dollars on top for their service. If I still want to go with my idea, I can, but under care of the shop who makes some dollars for living aswell by purchasing the bow there and than having it adjusted/fine tuned with me maybe watching while that.

  8. As a beginner archer, this video did not help me at all. 10minutes of rambling and maybe 1minute of info. What should i look for in a riser? Do they all come with button, sights, and stabilizer mounts? Do $500 riser have more modifications than $200 ones. Is it just the material that gets better with price, or does function as well?

  9. Greetings. I'm planning to buy a bow, something more like a hunting bow but for recreation. I want something not so big. I'm 5.9 (180 cm), so what is the acceptable minimum size of the bow for my size?

  10. Does anyone know about the Galaxy company (Korean) that is making affordable recurve and ILF limbs? Especially, how does their product compare to S&F line? Thanks.

  11. I'm 37 with no kids… I'm just going to buy two high end bows for my right and left lol I'll buy cheap limbs until I find my draw weight.

  12. I use a win and win rcx riser and uukha limbs with an excel sight
    I think the uukha limbs are the best limbs if you have the extra money!Theve got more speed and they're are a lot smoother!

  13. For advanced stuff I'd recommend first formula RX, cause of soft geometry and low price nowadays. Thanks for sharing Anthony

  14. I currently have a cheap riser and limbs, I wonder is there a noticeable difference scorewise between cheap and expensive riser and limbs? What makes a bigger difference a good riser or good limbs? Thanks.

  15. Great Videos!
    Could you make one about the shibuya arrow rest?
    I just want to know your experiences with it and if it is reliable.

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