What do horseshoes,a grill and a bar all have in common?

What do horseshoes,a grill and a bar all have in common?

afternoon everybody getting ready to go out crawl the streets and see if we can't find some junk fill the truck get some scrap metal get some goodies hopefully get us a load to add to the load I'll take in tomorrow more scrap means more weight more weight means more money so let's get to it all right I got something it's always nice when I find something before I even get out of the neighborhood it's funny our garbage collection hasn't ran yet they're usually through in the morning and it's already a little after 4:00 and they still haven't run yet all right let's get to looking oh yeah I spotted some you guys know what this is right well I thought that was the pump do you not see the pump I got a little bit of wire see a lot of this is hot tubs cut up like that because this the only way the garbage man will pick one up all right move it on don't be a few things here maybe definitely worth having a look yeah Wow I think this that it is mental and it's tied around something oh I don't know that thing swinging around I see there that's like a mace oh I didn't gonna come out that is a hammock frame well some of its pros together that kills me because I found that hammock earlier today oh that's not gonna come apart I'm not gonna take that great big long thing by itself come on as I beat my truck up come on all right I'm gonna shut you guys off while I fight with this got a little more here yeah if you're wondering yeah I had to give up on those poles oh I got half the frame but the other pieces I just could not get them apart uh I had to fight there for another five minutes and then finally I gave up on it all right moving on well spider a little something I always need a little something pull boxes first watch the cars wrought iron fencing of some kind the closet racks sell for the brackets for those closet racks and the old halogen lights rich come on hold up I got the cord wrapped around something and this crap truck all right moving on I spotted something find a lot of this old wrought iron stuff all right moving on down the road oh I get a little something another one of those patio bars oh shoot take the candle can oh let's see we take these out yeah those are gonna be broken before the end of the day this sucker is all aluminum where's my other bungee cord and a couple of poles they're not going to make smaller for me I swear let's throw them in there sorry onward OOP dropped my Wyrick sniffers yeah it's honor all right it's in there let me give this thing a shake all right that's good alright move it down the road something I haven't even seen one of these in a while oh I hope it's not one of them great big monster heavy I know that ain't and the wheels were alright let's just dump it up in there ah well let's strap it up in there any thing is it's in there real plates up here a little deeper in the mass that ones in there all right it's on there anyway we're moving down the road Oh a little something make sure I don't get run over got a bad habit of that all right down the road all right it's not to cut my eye it's what I think it is oh my lord it is that's a big piece of copper tubing you know I had to stop for that that's the score of the night there all right moving on all right that's it all done that's it for the scrap collection for tonight so what did I pick up I got this patio bar which is nice aluminum gotta take that apart another barbecue grill which is probably not really stainless I've only found one that was actually stainless know how the handles are but I got a the handles are generally stainless but there are steel inserts usually in the handles if you got to take out to get clean stainless and usually it's too much to a pain in the butt for me so I just dump it all don't even worry about it the only thing I'll do is I'll check it for brass valves but it looks like it's got some brass fittings but the rest of it looks like just aluminum and pop metal but oh yeah satellite dish a few wrought iron goodies in there and the scrapper goal that was nice to go away a whole lot but it's a nice piece of tubing I got half of a frame for a hammock yeah I can't even think and a couple tool boxes which were empty you know I can tell by picking them up so I've got some few odds and ends more to add to the scrap load for tomorrow I'll cut the aluminum up most of us just scrap so that's gonna do it for tonight I'll be back at it again tomorrow morning prowling the streets looking for more junk nickel owed until next time

21 Replies to “What do horseshoes,a grill and a bar all have in common?”

  1. Nice scores today.
    You have the best scrapping channel in my opinion.
    I would like to see more of you processing the scrap before taking it to the scrap yard.

  2. You missed a extra money maker on your first stop when you missed the contractor "paper floor protector" roll….. Keep on scrapping!

  3. Watching you this morning in the doctors waiting room.. My husband is having a colonoscopy… The waiting room tv has THE VIEW on.. So THANK YOU for sparing me that torture… Lol i should try and pair my phone with the tv in here to spare everyone else the agony of it as well. 😂❤

  4. If you find some grill plates that are in good condition you can sell those on offer up or other places people look for those when they wear out on their grills giving you a thumbs up 🤔🤔🤔🤔😍

  5. Hi that bar you can buy big tile and put it inside the blocks and you will have a backyard Bar you can sell that make you some money 🤔🤔🤔😍

  6. Hey you need to carry a battery disc cutter in your truck be well worth the money johnmitchell 🇬🇧

  7. Thank you Charles! So how much you earned for the copper tube? Did it pay for your gas? I don't know…

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