38 Replies to “What Happens When you Take Three Teachers to a Shooting Range?”

  1. if you notice all the politicians against guns have security with guns around them all the time they just don't want you to have guns if they protected children in schools the same way they protect themselves there would be no school shooting ask a politician that question and watch their head explode and bullshit poor out their mouths MAGA Trump 2 nd amendment all good democraps💩 bad!!!!

  2. maybe they should be armed but with non-lethal weapon or something ? some sort of taser, non-lethal Plastic or Rubber ammo, what ya think about it ?

  3. I don't think teachers should do this because.. a teacher could get angry and use it on students if he or she just gets infuriated but if you have a teacher you can rely on then your fine but your then putting the teachers at risk.

  4. I think a secret safe within every classroom with a code only the principal knows could be useful in an active shooter scenario. It would definitely save lives in my opinion.

  5. Maybe, and bear with me here, we take away everyone’s gun (unless there is an extreme level of background research and they NEED it, eg. police or farmer) and that way, there are no more shootings! But I’m dumb, everyone in America needs to kill each other.

  6. What I think us that 1 teacher should have a gun for each hallway so that teacher would distract the shooter in the hallway while another teacher calls 911

  7. Jeez all you have to do is hire security or get a police officer onto the school, It's not that I don't trust teachers but I think officers and security know more on what to do, better trained, and don't feel the urge to injure a student (the urge part is my opinion since a student constantly bothering a teacher will aggravate him or her and they may or may not shoot the student)

  8. They should make a box that can be opened with a press of a button and they put the gun inside that and than when a shooter comes in the building the principal will press the buton and the box will open so the teachers will be armed and protect themselves and students (like so people see it)

  9. ….back in ww2 the military had a problem and that was that the soldiers were a afraid to shoot at someone. This was later fixed by training soldiers using human shape target practice paper. Teaching a teacher to use a weapon with a circular target might not help that teacher break that barrier and shoot at the actual human being that needs to be shot. One thing that a lot of people also are forgetting is that to kill a person under combat requires a training that will break that mental barrier and push that person to take tactical action that would lead to the person achieving its objective. Look at that cop in parkland, no combat training and he shat himself and let the assailant have his way, do people truly feel a teacher with no combat training would act any different? Is a tough subject but as a person that has seen combat first hand I can tell you that taking a combat action isn't something people can easily jump in to and if they did what kind of harmful damage would they accidentally do to people around the assailant, like shooting at him while kids are behind him or miss the person entirely accidentally hitting someone else. When I was young they had cops, not cop but cops in every school I attended to, they should go back to that.

  10. The problem is that a teacher can get angry to they are just humans some teachers hit children as a reaction what if they shoot them as a hatefull reaction ?

  11. They shouldn’t try to fight guns using guns. They should prevent people from getting their hands on guns in the beginning… But the average American can’t imagine a life without protection by guns…

  12. U know. Our school comes equipped with xray booths like the ones they have in airports to screen for contraband and weapons. You could just do that. By arming teachers with weapons, you demonize students in the eyes of the teachers. But hay, what do I know. =(

  13. Ya know, rubber bullets are still lethal, but I'd say load these teachers up with handguns and rubber bullets. Bang bang. I want anyone who goes into a school with intent to kill to be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law, not to become some kind of 'martyr' for Islam or Socialism or whatever it is they're flipping out about. I want for the rest of their years to be spent in a small, small cell in a state of perpetual discomfort and misery.

  14. They shouldn't because then they could shoot other staff or students and what if a student got ahold of the gun?

  15. damn I feel like we should make killing other people illegal…oh wait…

    (edit) apparently there is this thing called homicide and you can go to jail for it

  16. Now when someone fails a test and a teacher plays bo5 with a student, who wanted to give teachers a gun?

  17. you enjoy how it felt;😒…you are doing this to protect your students, self, staffs and innocent civilians from a school terrorist….dont get carried away and lose focus on the purpose..

  18. huge schoolshooting happened

    Every country except america: shouldn't you make guns illigal?

    Goverment: nah.. More guns

    Guys plz its a joke I dont want to hear all those reasons why gubs are good I know

  19. I think teachers should be given the choice, not told that they can't or be forced to carry. Much like many fundamental rights in our nation, ultimately the right to freely choose how you live your life is the most important aspect of being an American.

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