What I Wore: Gareth Bale

What I Wore: Gareth Bale

yeah coming on in the final I had a bit of anger and I think that kind of spurred me on you destroy this guy's career that's the second career no you feel sorry for these places I'm sure they wouldn't feel sorry for me if they did the same he didn't go if you're good yeah I'm good to see you man and you so welcome to what I wore so basically we've carved out the best collection of kits to kind of tell your last story I'm gonna highlight some of your most glamorous moments now a tradition on the show we always get our guests to wear shirt so we've got you the 2002 Champions League Roma t-shirt blowing where's advance call that goal will you customized on it okay do you remember watching that goal yeah remember watching the final in in Glasgow at Hampden Park it's a great final it's nice and snug in there okay so we're gonna start with you growing up in Cardiff or just this crest mean to you yeah just it's where I grew up my uncle axe used to play for them when I was when I was younger I went to watch a few games and yeah obviously Carles my home city I always look out for Cardiff whenever wherever I am I always check the scores and check they're doing well love that so you grew up early 90s just tell me about these players and what these guys mean to you yeah I think I used to watch often a lot used to really enjoy watching on reality and I used to like watching Dennis Bergkamp as well I had a great team Tottenham fans would be happier than holding this no big rivals and how much of an influence was this guy on you ya know a massive massive influence it was my hero growing up obviously being welsh left-footed yeah obviously looked up to him a lot used to enjoy watching him play and obviously know so this was a show he's going against awesome that crazy guy one of your trade my ball for you also lack did you replicate this when yours in school like trying to be Giggsy yeah of course you've stood like like all kids do they want to be a player I used to shout that I was I was Giggs and yeah I didn't have quite a hairy chest so I'm gonna move on slightly going into early days at Southampton I was a wealth boy going to and or what wearing red straps of Southampton I was 8 9 at the time and I remember speaking with my dad and just I was just saying no I wouldn't if I could ever like to be a professional footballer and if you could get how did you get spotted by a team and we played in this tournament and down in Newport and friendly enough after that Donovan who literally must have been a day before that I was speaking to my dad about it a scout come up to my my dad and asked me to go for a trial up at Sur Lampton and yeah kind of yeah we never really looked back from that to be honest moving on slightly make your debut yeah in this show how does it feel to put on a shirt and it's yours and it's got your name on it and you're professional for the first time what is that feeling yeah I remember my first game I was so nervous I felt like I didn't want to go out on the bids to be honest I was I was 16 at the time I I've been playing in in the reserves have been doing well and to be perfectly honest I wasn't really expecting to be called up to the first team and I remember one of the boys my age said hi I feared that you might be gone with the first option don't be stupid and yeah I remember just having having the chat and training and yeah it's just surreal obviously we used to Train on the lower pitches down on the other side of the training ground and used to come back in early sometimes just watch them train and just be in awe of them and yet to then actually be there it was one of the best feelings he felt like he made it there and then so yeah I loved playing for so Hampton their fans were incredible and yeah I'll always be indebted like that Southampton Academy setup is breeded so many players but Luke Shaw and Elana Walcott lat what was it like being amongst these players that all you guys eat at lunchtime superb you so many good players no we we just yeah we just we lived in a big house all together I called the lodge at the time and we used to go to training and minibus all singing songs joking around and the people looking after Swinton police but it was just carnage 24/7 and we just become really good friends come really close and we ended up winning the Youth Premier League and everything because we were such a tight unit moving on into Premier League years you made your debut for Spurs how was that how was that make plan in this shirt compared to this one it's surprising actually when they actually came in for me I I knew Tottenham was a big club I didn't realize how big it actually was until I went to the stadium the training ground and they talk to you and show you the history and because when you're young B you don't necessarily look so much into the history of what's going on now and it's such a big club and yeah I had an amazing time start off early years you know you was always playing well for Tottenham but Tottenham wasn't winning and I remember I think sadly film that you was a J's lap how was it had had it before do you feel jinxed in his shirt I actually didn't feel jinx to be honest I um I got a lot of sticking jokes off the boys and yeah I remember just every time we didn't win news would be like there's another one like joking around but I think I knew it's not just down to one player but it was quite a surreal story you can't really write it so in the show is it true that Harry once it wanted to show you because of the jinx I'm not sure whether he wanted to sell me I think he wanted to get rid of the jinx I don't know how close they did come would have been a big mistake ok ok so you get your massive turning point in the Champions League what you did to this guy here yeah just criminal that do you ever call his mom and offer your condolences obviously I you see a lot of stuff on the internet but such an incredible player people think people forget how good of a player he was and yeah obviously for me it was a big turning point in my career it made me believe personally that I could mix it with the big boys when I look at that shirt just remember that your PFA season just scoring some ridiculous goals did you fall at your most confident at this point in time would you feel like this your best season windy should two shirts yeah definitely at the time I think at Tottenham it was by far my best season I felt like I'd gone up another level and as I think all footballers will tell you you want to keep aggress in every year and I really did just feel like I took a major step that season that season was obviously a kickstart into this Welsh boy signing for the absolute Giants for a while working for you at the time I'm looking at these names like Carlos um starry names when you put on a shirt for the first time is it that empowerment is a daunting I just remember my my unveiling at the at the stadium there was about 40 50 thousand people there and I was just like oh my god but no it felt amazing to find a bin there because it been a long road that transfer window to get there obviously I appreciate everything Tottenham had done for me and and everything but I think they did understand at the time that when such a big club like Real Madrid comes falling it is difficult to turn them down and even though I was really enjoying my time it's autumn and I love the club and I still do yeah to have Real Madrid compute your regret say you know do you ever pinch yourself that you play for Real Madrid lightness that is always a real is it just a norm now no I just I feel it's normal I feel you kind of have to just kind of take it in your stride you can't think too much about these things and you just have to try your best give it give it a go in and enjoy the experience so you're a Madrid current team is lack produced like some of the best players yeah well look I've been with now for 10 years so I always say he's like a whiny kind of matures with age now but he's an incredible player for Tottenham and he's getting better a year after year for Madrid and yeah it's been great to play with him so I'm never gonna ask you the best player you play like that well what is it like sharing sharing the stage with another superstar know what like crystianna was an incredible player I thoroughly enjoyed playing with him obviously the media try and hype all these problems which were never there we got on really well and now an incredible player what he did for the club the Americas he scored yeah an incredible player and yeah so we've got some of your kits from rummager playing career I think this one is the best one I did like that yeah talk to me through which kick your lats which one you enjoyed playing it I actually really enjoyed though the dragon whales which shirt you just call your best going personally I loved this one against legal Walsall a moment ago yeah for those new fans who didn't feel it was there's a nice goal yeah it was a nice kick though like you but I think my favourite go is the piano Chavez decocking Hall this one here final give yeah coming off the bench plane in this final wouldn't make me no special was that to know is special I going into the the final light I've been playing really well been scoring a lot of goals and I felt kind of angry that I wasn't starting cuz I felt like I deserved it when I when I don't feel like I deserve something I don't really I accept it because I'm quite an honest person but you're leading into this final I felt like I should have been starting obviously you respect the decision of the manager and the team which is not a problem but yeah coming on in the final I had a bit of anger and I think that kind of spurred me on to be able to score such such a good goal and even take on the second shot from such as you destroyed this guy's career that's the second career this category do you feel sorry for these play I'm sure they wouldn't feel sorry for me if we did the same better no I think yeah obviously was unfortunate that he didn't have a great night but for my first goal I don't think he would have saved anyway ok let's let's just settle the debate yeah so the manager arguably he scored the best ever Champions League goal which one was better on everyone else decide but I know what I think yeah so then I'm loose move on to wells yep major debut at 16 with this year it's actually at this color this color this color yeah we've colored you'll at best obviously the road I've made my debut ID number 17 on my back for my debut do you like a little retro look to it I do like it yeah iconic well shirt amazing I just yeah I can't say too much about enough about Wales because what it means to me so yeah so 16 years old you made your debut wearing a well sure yeah I was nervous again I remember speaking to my dad before just saying I just really want to make my debut for Wales it's like along a big dream of ours and yeah it was amazing to do that and I remember coming on for the last meet back up and we're now maybe 20 30 minutes and I set up the winner in my on my debut so it was it was nice and yeah well know I'll never forget it's amazing tournament you guys had in the 2016 no one really gave you a chance but you went on to do so well yeah everybody always writes the small countries are fools I think deep down we knew we had something we we all I think everyone knows the team spirit we have in Wales where it's like no other dress room I've ever been in it's it's just we're all like brothers like everyone says when they go to two major tournaments they're bored they sat in the room we literally were never bored we were always doing something messing around watching games cheer for other teams yeah we just it was literally like a holiday for us and as I said before in previous the our media get behind us our fans get behind this and yeah I think we call it the red war but we really were all together then and what an incredible thing that's one so I just want to ask you one of the most iconic Welsh players we've got this legend here who is the best I can't no no let's just do both so lastly you're in a burning building you've got to save two kits one based on the best memory and one based strictly on how the kit looks so if you picked up the messy one I'm not sniffing I don't know whether to go my first-ever shoe or do I go champasak final I probably go my first-ever shirt to be honest I think this was the day I felt like I made it as a footballer I was a slanted for nine years to get there finally was probably the proudest moment here that's one okay best-looking kit here that one you would wear to a rave I'd always wear Wales kids yeah yeah which one though my best looking cute I'm just going good against Scotland yeah I just like I know I know if it's just such a clean clean red Wales yeah and it's I've grown up since I was young red red and white obviously the dragon for me it's my favorite beautiful nice one Gary Frank so much for your time thank you thank you

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  1. Would u play for?:
    1 Barcelona
    2 Southampton
    3 PSG
    4 Manchester United
    5 Real Madrid
    6 Tottenham
    7 Manchester City
    8 Liverpool
    9 Milán
    0 New York City

  2. Great idea give him Zidane shirt aka the manager who doesn’t rate him and has said to him he is not a part of his plans

  3. Bale’s CL final goal has to be up there with one of the best goals ever (not even to mention it was in the final)

    How it didn’t win goal of the year will always baffle me

  4. Talking about the champions league final what side am I on

    I’m a Liverpool fan but also welsh like bale

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