What Is Archery? | Archery Lessons

What Is Archery? | Archery Lessons

what is archery archery is a multi-faceted sport there's no way that I can start with one particular thing I can just tell you that archery is used for recreation what we call backyard archery it's used for competition at very high levels it's used for hunting in order to keep the deer herds out of at a reasonable level that's called conservation it's also used for fishing a lot of people don't realize that but bow fishing is a very big sport you can do just about anything with a bow and arrow that would fulfill your your need for hobby or for a passion a competitive passion like I said before you can do it forever you can start it at an early age my grandson actually shoots and he's been shooting since he's four years old and you can do it I've known people to be still active in archery at ninety years old so it's one of the few sports that that is considered a lifetime sport where it started amazingly enough some of the first depictions of archery were written on caves by the cavemen it's developed over the years a circuit to a certain extent but not not so much that you don't recognize the same bow and arrows that we used thousands of years ago as the same bows and arrows that are used today in modern times though the bow has made a transformation it's become more mechanical and I think what during the series we're going to be showing you a comparison between the basic recurve bow and the new technology of the compound

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  1. ok so how to do you aim the arrow after you figure out you eye dominance? and is it better to shoot with one eye or both eye open

  2. OMG, REALLY, I always shat the bow with the arrow, thanks bro, now I don't need to buy so many bows.
    P.S. Chuck Norris CAN fire bows with arrows.

  3. I am an archer, an I am really looking foward to these videos. More people should see archery as not only a hobby, but an art, a history, a culture, and life. Shooting a gun needs but a trigger and a fingur, but archery you need your whole arm, and both of them.

  4. First, take your index finger, and your thumb (end finger) and stroke the pube hair vertically. Then get a goddamn girlfriend and pull your shittin' pants up. Gay-Boy.

  5. wow, just wow. Dood this is a disservice to archery, you need to reload to hit the bullseye with this one, I have sold archery in around 5 minutes by explaining recurve vs. compound, hunting vs. target, and the 10 steps to good form. Thats more than enough to hook people to learn more…

  6. I'd find that quite an interesting video to watch though… Probably one of the better recent Howcast videos it would be

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