What is creosote?

What is creosote?

clay lamb here with ask the chimney sweep thanks for stopping by one of the questions we got coming out as jeremy is creosote tell us a little bit about some of the problems have you identified so a lot of people ask what what is it what what should it look like i’ve got this weird stuff dripping that’s probably the worst type that’s called stage 3 creosote that’s the hardest to remove because like tar and then as sometimes I’ll have flaky which I know you like flaky stuff the flaky creosote is kind of your stage two type creosote and then you’re more stage one is more of like a coffee ground and I like to see the coffee grounds stuff but all of it needs to be removed by a good quality chimney-sweep so you don’t end up having a chimney fire when you say the coffee grounds what is it more of a dusty product and sweep out it’s more of a dusty and kind of a lighter soot-type creosote that seems to be the most common with complete more complete combustion because a lot of people don’t realize the more crease so you have up in your flu creosote that’s essentially unburned fuel so if you have a bunch of creosote up in your flu you you’ve been burning very inefficiently and that’s not good so it can catch on fire absolutely it’s very combustible actually the the combustion point of creosote is actually half of what the original wood was like yes interesting thanks for stopping by here Jeremy and we won’t know where we can get a hold of a contract business best place for that is going to be the National chimney-sweep guild NCSG .org great thanks to stopping by folks send us questions

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  1. Hello. I noticed at 0:35 seconds of the video the rear refractory panel has a space down the middle. I recently had my rear refractory panels replaced. They were replaced as two panels not one and have a space down the middle except my space is horizontal. I questioned this to my chimney guy and he said that's how they are per the manufacture and safe. For some reason I'm still not certain. Any insight you can shed on this? Thanks.

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