What is their Comment for Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA

What is their Comment for Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA

gorgeous RDA it's short and from it being short the flavor on this is whoo but yet don't take that for me I'm gonna be biased right that's up to you guys if you like the smoothness of the airflow of the original recurve this one definitely will not disappoint the airflow is very smooth on this easy build deck that's a pro smooth airflow and very quiet check it out you get I man it's just it just even the sound that you get from it it sounds smooth this thing is smooth as butter I absolutely love the smoothness of this art RDA it is absolutely fantastic the flavor of this RDA is off the charts nice warm delicious vape it's not a supersaturated like dense fate but the flavor is still really good I love the recurve tip the fuckin delicious dick heads really really nice flavor as was with the first one we get to more of this in a fucking moment very very nice nice and smooth draw on this really good the curve do already a it's all good it's all great we're all loving it over here and you should be loving it too guys all day every day no sweat no problem and I'm getting good good good good good good flavor I honestly couldn't find anything wrong with us RDA putting the coils on a simple whacking it as simple and the flavor that you get from this dropper you'll probably find the recurve you'll somewhere in the top five by the end of this year when it comes to the best of 2019 I've got a feeling it's still gonna be in the top five [Applause]

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  1. Not as smooth as a profile and it's not as flavorful as a profile . But a good device if you are clapton coil hooked….

  2. That's awesome! Thank you Wotofo & Mike Vapes! I love my Recurve dual and it is the best RDA! I just got the black frosted clear cap for it too! Definitely been enjoying it a lot!

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