35 Replies to “What It Takes To Be An Olympic Table Tennis Player”

  1. This is my town and i work at a pharmacy that’s connected to the ping pong place. Our town is one square mile and just this place being on buzzfeed was a big thing for us lmao bc there’s like 88 people so imagine the exposure

  2. I have been playing for a year and I'm pretty good with the time ive spent the only thing that's stopping me from competing in competitions is Table tennis players are such a bad sports when they lose.

  3. Fun fact: The toss-up during the serve is how you can tell a good player from an amateur. A good player should be able to wait and serve in between their opponent's breaths to throw them off, while amateur simply does it for dramatic effect.

  4. Allen teach me ur table tennis skills and I will coach you steps to achieve the perfect shed approach:)

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