22 Replies to “What Kind of Fence is Best for Goats”

  1. Excellent video! As an amateur goat farmer I can confirm pretty much everything you’ve said – it’s solid advice.

    On the poly wire electric – i can also verify that attempting to join two sections while live = nailed. Beer does not make this a better idea nor does it improve your manual dexterity.

  2. Great video, helpful for decision-makiing. Even for a few goats, keeping the bucks and does separate may require a different strategy. I want the fence in place BEFORE purchasing the goats.

  3. Hi Brian, do you know anyone near St. Louis or Potosi Mo. that rents goats? I have a few acres on the back of a lake that need clearing. Thanks!

  4. Where in Missouri are you? We are south of Harrisonville. Love to talk with other goat people in the area.

  5. when you showed the tpost fence, its back wards, the wire is holding the fence up instead of the other way around.

  6. Thank you i have this goat who always hits fence and then he messed it up but i think this a great idea thank you once again.

  7. this video is not true … the best fence for goats is one from which they do not leave….. 😁✌

  8. Don't say Blessed By God on YouTube you will get banned the Evil new world order ( Google Youtube twitter ) is diapering channels they don't like so be warned :-/

  9. I️ run six strand high tensile wire fence and I️ have a hard time keeping my goats in. I️ even bought a bigger charger to see if that was my problem. I️ have 2 ground rods the charger is a 165 acre charger on about an acre pen. My goats crawl under I️t without even being shocked. Any ideas on what I️ am doing wrong?

  10. ANY type of fence is ineffective without a hot wire !!! Period !!! I would never trust the electric fence by its self !!!! So many way to fail !!!

  11. We sell and install Timeless fence here in Tennessee and we love it. We are also mounting gates to the timeless corner posts. Check us out on facebook.com/mpfencinganddesigns and soon here on youtube www.youtube.com/channel/UCbniNFzmO5ZxqhyJaqOfIdw we will have a step by step video on how to mount gates to timeless products. Check out our other videos as well. Thanks great video.

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