31 Replies to “What Makes a GREAT Team Captain??? – Online Soccer Academy”

  1. 1) lead by example
    2) be encouraging and positive;don't yell at them
    3)host a team function to build team unity/ bonding
    4) be confident and humble,pass credits to players
    5)make players better by encouraging
    6) communicate loud
    7) be aware of teammates,talk privately,let them know you care
    8) organise;keep clean

  2. I am the Captain of my team and i care about my player's very much i compliment them all the time i am so honored to be captain

  3. And lift up the players spirits after conceding a goal so the can focus to make a comeback like sergio ramos

  4. im a captain of my volleyball team, im always trying to be positive, improve my individual skills, promote communication during games and encourage my teammates up whenever they make a mistake. i give them all the training videos to practice at home but i always feel like im not recognised as a captain because my personality is a bit silent in social occasions. what can i do?

  5. Hi My name is Paul and I am a captain of Zomi Momno Club. And I have question to ask I did not have money and I am a high school student so how will I build my team to be grow up in fitness, pace, skill and many more. And how will I take care of the player that have bad habit? In one month we play indoor two time but that help a little but not much so what will I need to build team and what make the great captain of all time?

  6. I'm currently Captain of my high schools varsity team. I was given this position from my motivation and leadership fields. How do you keep your cool when a player makes a mistake during a crucial match?

  7. I'd really love to thank you in person but seriously thanks for the help I'm a centre back and my team mates think I should be the new team captain so thanks for the help! 🙂

  8. im the captain for my team but i have little rivalry with someone who dosent have influence like i do so they try to  sabotage the team work of the members ….

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