What to do when riding a horse that gets out of control.

What to do when riding a horse that gets out of control.

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  1. I had to keep watching….. this guy really does know horses. A real pleasure to watch. Great feel and an understanding of where the horse is. I’m so tired of watching horses ruined because of the rider’s ego or lack of knowledge. Lucky horse. Hurray for the owner! Sharon

  2. thank you yesterday at my lesson my baby (my horse) got really excited and started cantering out of the blue now I know how yo canter but he just started from nowhere

  3. I was waiting to see the Andalusian out of control , never happened ! , they are famous for being beautiful ,docile ,and gentle Horses .

  4. Sad that you didn't show much of anything before the commercial for training sign-up stopped it. Maybe you could make the teasers a little longer??

  5. Hy, i've got an 12 year old andalusian. Whenever i try to ride him away from our stable, he stops and turns around… and does a lot of scary,dangerous things. Could you give me some advice for that ?
    Because i just love him so much, but sometimes im just terrified to ride out.

  6. That was not an out of control horse. By out of control I'm sure she didnt mean this. This was not helpful lol. Turning a horses head does not calm an out of control horse.

  7. Another so called expert that only likes to hear the sound of his own voice. Total bullshit this 🙄🙄🙄

  8. How tall is that boy?! 17hh or taller? I don’t think I have ever known an Andalusian taller than 16.2. His mane and tail looks very sparse too. He has good colour. Love this video. Thanks.

  9. Gotta be friends with your horse. I watch a lady name mia lykke~ she shows so much love. And how to be able to be one with your horse.

  10. Out of control means you've surrendered control. When riding a horse you are riding the horse, it isn't taking you for a ride, you aren"t riding together. Keep that in mind and you wont surrender control.

  11. That's it! I'm buying a horse tomorrow. I don't care how small my living room is. Now I can circle him.

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