that is film to make up straw and I'm like the listening I was listening to all these songs now so like 50 million of them suck my head hello everyone my name is Paige welcome back to my channel today I have a bit of a different video for you didn't get a chance to film anything riding wise this week so I thought I would do a horse version number what's in my handbag so I'm going to show you what's in my riding bag and as you can see one of the things is a whip but I'm gonna show you what's in my riding bag what brand is is my answer a few of your questions about what products I earn and yeah let's get right into it okay so the first thing that is sticking out of my bag is my dress – wick I don't typically write over the crop if I am going to write any kind of extension of the arm I will ride with a dress size with just because I don't think tap on the shoulder but the crop doesn't really mean anything so I like to work from the hindquarters so yeah I will use it but this I don't know what brand it is but it's just black and sparkly it's nice and elastic here and I really like it and it's really soft at the end so it's not going to give your horse any kind of sharp great love it love love love it good job camera sorry I should probably mention the bag that I use as my riding bag is this blue country word bag and it's just got a over the shoulder strap and another straps and yeah so that's what I keep everything in it's really big and I think it makes everything really well and when you open it it's just one huge compartment it doesn't have these little pockets on the side but I don't use them cuz they are secure but it's just one big rug that I suppose in the inside when you first open it apart from the whip you will see my helmet and this is the swing Pro air helmet and it's in the color Navy but it looks purple because I've had it for so long and so it's the swing pro air helmet suppose we might be wondering and preterm size 5757 zone variable and I have that inside my helmet so I don't lose them I have my gloves I will only typically use gloves if it's cold or if I'm on a horse who is quite strong they don't get blisters Winston I never usually ride with gloves just because I don't really need it these are strong walls but well it's like barren things like that I might ride the gloves so use those thanks thing I will always have these a jacket in my bag the I have two I have a blue Katmandu one which you guys wouldn't have recognized for beers all I have this black one this one in my personal favorite but I always have a jacket in my bag even if it's hot you never know and there might be a weather change and you might need a jacket so I've got that um I always have a spare pair of socks in my riding bag because our school uniform in winter we wear stockings and obviously I can't wear stockings with my horse driving boots so I always need to take some socks after school and sometimes I forget so I always have a spare one of these in my right in there the next thing I have is is a saddle water bag so this is typically in summer kind of doesn't come out during winter but what you do is you attach it with a little clip to the front of your saddle and you can put a water bomb in it so that's another thing I usually have my riding bag I always have at least two of fresh water bottles um so ya get quite hydrated matter but I know it's really good great for summer I wouldn't recommend using it when you're jumping because it would flap around and kind of make it horse bit uncomfortable but if you're just doing some really light work and you're maybe going for a trail ride or something and these are really really great and I love them so this is just from you can get pretty much any salary I don't know what brand is but okay another water bottle because you know play around raise my friends and I have some deodorant I don't typically I will use an aerosol deer but I can't because it'll send back in my car and as we all know if you hate aerosol cans they can make a blow up or explode or something I don't really know I have that experience but I use this visit overall online it's just the lavera natural cosmetic the o-ring with organic orange and sea buckthorn doesn't have alcohol paraben free apparently vegan and it's 24 hour so yeah yeah use that as well just in case me top-up me they have been refreshed that is my body bag he is a of Kolkata and ELISA so typically I only use this like Winston because he's my baby and I'll use it for it's just a blue maybe roam the halls house it's like flea spots and I just have a plain with and maybe sleeper attached to it and I have that you man just in case I can't get access to one long stables I have my own so thank you guys for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it freshen up the content a little bit create something a little bit different and I always have my phone in my bag too um but you know so I hope you guys enjoyed please leave a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you next week for hopefully a writing video or something closer to do the courses I have also been uploading heaps of videos on my second channel so I'll pop it back on right now if you'd like to click on that you can go see some um so if you'd like any more contact for me but yet I'll say goodbye to you now bye uh yeah


  1. I was wondering if you had any tips for my 2 point position as I feel like I could improve- you have really benefitted me and my riding so thank you
    kate 🙂

  2. great video as always 💕! I have a question- when I ride I find my feet tend to float around in the stirrups, no matter how much I try to keep them still and me heels down so just wondered if you have any tips on how to keep them still and stay balanced xx

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