20 Replies to “What's In My Range Bag? (April 2019) | Shooting Range Everyday Carry”

  1. SOE Gear does a lot of custom stuff. Pricey but custom and great quality. I am sure they would have some green for you.

  2. Green Light Shooting
    YOU NEED A TRAUMA KIT! You have gloves and flashlights and a half a dozen other things you really don't need and you don't have a trauma kit!? Don't depend on the range to save you if the worst happens. Have your own trauma kit that you take to the range every time you go that includes at least a clotting bandage, 2 pressure dressings, a tourniquet, latex gloves, and a breathing tube. Be prepared.

  3. Spotting scope is great to have if you have room for it in the range bag. You can zero in your sights/Optics even when the outdoor range is hot and you can’t walk to your target out at 100 yards. Great video btw! Thanks.

  4. I have a full size bag. But I live four miles from my gun club . So I wanted something a little smaller to grab and go . I bought the G.P.S Medium bag . Great bag .

  5. Speaking of range fun, what you think about the newish Birchwood Casey game targets, like the one that looks like the game "Battleship"?

  6. Nice but we can't transport guns in a soft case like that in California. Consequently our range bags are much smaller.

  7. Nice bag and video. I have a bag that is similar to your bag, except for the colors. I got it from Academy Sports and paid approximately $50. It’s made by a company called Tactical Performance and has the same exact features as your bag. I was so impressed with the pistol bag that I went out and purchased the Tactical Performance rifle bag. Thanks and keep the good videos coming.

  8. It’s always nice to see what other shooters are carrying—get some ideas —- and if I were you I would be letting Kyle carry that bag —- looks heavy – 🙂 – thanks for the great review

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