What’s inside a Water Filter?

What’s inside a Water Filter?

(water splashes) – [Dan] This looks like so much fun! Oh yeah, nice job! – Welcome back to What’s Inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today we’re gonna cut open a water filter. – That’s right, a giant water filter. (laughs) We’re gonna do this for two reasons. First of all, because
you guys recommended it so thanks a lot for that. The second reason is because every year, Bill and Melinda Gates
write an annual letter outlining their key take on global issues, and this year’s letter is entitled, “Two Superpowers We Wish We Had”. In the letter, it challenges
readers to imagine if they had a super power for good, what would it be, pretty
cool thought right? – Yeah. – The goal of the letter
is to broaden awareness and get each of us
involved to make a positive lasting change in the world. We’ve mentioned in a previous video that I was born in the Philippines, I lived there for a couple
of years giving service. If I had a super power for
good, what would it be? Mine would be to bring
clean, drinkable water to the entire world. Here in America, a lot of us don’t realize how big of a need clean water is. Here’s a crazy stat for you. If you took all of the
people in the United States, everybody, and then you
doubled that number, that number would be how many people do not have access to
clean drinking water. – That’s crazy. – Here’s some water that
I got from our house here. Before Lincoln comes and
gets ready to film this, I’ve got this cup. Ooh, toilet water. There we go, toilet
water, non-toilet water. Alright before you drink it,
let me just tell Lincoln. One of these is toilet
water, from our toilet. – Oh no. (laughs) – So Lincoln was really quick to drink it, do you want to drink one now? – Yeah. – Yeah, you wanna drink some toilet water? – This is toilet water? – I don’t know. – Yeah you do. – Haha, I do know. – This one’s toilet water? – Could you tell the
difference between the two? – Yeah, this one has more
bubbles than this one. – Okay, so which one is
the toilet water then? – This one. – You’re wrong, it’s this one. The water here in our
toilets, here in America, is actually cleaner than
most of the drinking water that’s in the developing
countries around the world. – That’s crazy. – Isn’t that sad. But rather than just sit
and talk about the needs, I gotta show you guys, and
I’ve gotta show Lincoln! (upbeat electronic music) – [Dan] It’s backwards, you flip it. – Oh. (water gushing) – Here we go, here comes the jump. Let’s see it. Whoo! This water is where they’re swimming, they’re having fun, it’s a blast. It’s a little bit cold
but these kids love it, but it isn’t just somewhere
to play like a swimming pool. This is the place where
you clean your clothes, where you swim and have fun, and also where you take your bath,
and where you get your water. We’re gonna fill this up with some water. Now, I’m gonna put this back in and now we’re gonna take
it over to the house, which the thing is pretty heavy. And in case you didn’t see it, there’s a pig right there,
he’s just hanging out. He’s got a rope that’s tied
to that tree right there and then I guess he can
just swim in the water so you can see why
diarrhea is the number two killer in a lot of the developing world. It’s because water is
such a precious commodity, you get it from wherever you can. If this is the best option,
this is the best option. Alright, we got our water,
it is heavy, let’s go. The interesting thing is, you just saw me fill it up with water from the river. It keeps the water in there
unpurified the whole time until you need to use it, and so, that’s nice, because sometimes people will purify their water,
the have drinking water, but then they’ll let it sit
out for a day or two days and then, it might not be clean anymore by the time you wanna drink it. Alright, so let’s pump that up. (squeaking) I don’t know if you can
feel hotter than it is here. You probably see the sweat on my face but it is very hot, right Linc. And when you tighten it up,
that has the pressure in it, and so the water that’s coming out of here goes through the actual
filter and it sprays out. – Whoa Dad! – See that, it’s pretty good right. That’s clean drinking water. (slow relaxing music) What’s up guys, we’re
cruising in our tric, a motorcycle with this little basket. We’re here at our friend’s
house in the Philippines and this is where most
people get their water. There’s two of these in the neighborhood, and then they come over,
they fill up their buckets and then they carry them all
the way over to their house. Here’s the house, so
here’s the living room, a bedroom, see most of
the floors are concrete or dirt here, and then here’s
where the cooking area, so you bring your jug right
here, you have where you cook and then the bathroom is down there. This is the bathroom in the Philippines. Here’s the toilet, you
take a bucket of water, you dump the water in. It just has an umbrella right here and some tarps and clothes and toilet. You just dump the water in
there and it washes out. (upbeat electronic music) – Back in America, it is so cold. I miss the beaches in the Philippines. – Oh it was so warm there right. – Yeah. – Oh, and the people
were so nice and awesome and it was so good to be there. For many years of my life, I’ve been able to give back to the Filipino people. It was nice to be able to give them some water filters while we were there. We do have one back here in America, because of course, you want
to see what’s inside of it, we have to cut one open. That’s the side where
the filter actually is. Interesting, look how that works. Isn’t that cool, so the
water all goes into there and somehow gets filtered
and then come out of that. Must be the nanofilters right in there. So we definitely need to
cut this open for sure. I’m not gonna cut this big blue container because I would rather replace the filters and then be able to give this
to somebody that needs it. And then on the other
side, here’s the pump, you remember the pump. Pumps it up. Look at that. (upbeat hip hop music) Alright Lincoln, I think I
cut all the way through it. It’s pretty close. – Oh yeah, I can see it too. – Alright, let’s see what
this filter looks like. – Cool. – Whoa. – It’s like big sticks. – It’s like straws. – Yeah. – These little plastic things
must be the actual filter, like they’re small enough
for the water to go in there and then see, look inside, see you can see what it looks like at the
top, how it has those holes. – Yeah. – So if you can see all
the holes at the top, somehow it filters into
here and goes up and out. It just has those little tubes. It’s like little tiny tubes. This is supposed to be able to filter out 99.9% of viruses, I mean they say don’t use like the dirtiest
water you can find, which obviously it might
not filter all the way but it should be able
filter 99.9% of the viruses, ’cause this outer layer of hard plastic and it has inner layer of red plastic and then it just gets to these white straw-type materials,
which is the actual filter, that’s really really fascinating. I don’t know, I didn’t think that’s what it was gonna look like inside. – Yeah, that is weird that
these little plastic things filter out all the water that you drink. – It’s amazing that they can
invent something like that. The bottom line is, there
are people out there that need help, and one water filter is not going to save the world. Go to the Bill and Melinda
Gates annual letter, it’s in the link in the description below. Read it, and think about, if
you had a superpower for good, what would it be? – Leave it in the comments below.

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