Wheatheart Fencing & Livestock Equipment: Post Pounder

Wheatheart Fencing & Livestock Equipment: Post Pounder

established in 1973 wheat heart manufacturing is known for quality innovation and durability in agricultural equipment wheat heart offers a complete line of heavy duty and hard-hitting fencing equipment designed to make any job faster safer and more efficient choose from a variety of three-point hitch models including side pass and center mass configurations wheat heart also makes several versatile trailer models including a highly maneuverable self-propelled model that lets you get into places other pounders can't go there's even a hard-working reliable skid steer model from tall fencing to guardrails no matter what the task there's a wheat heart high in heavy-hitter that's just right for the job all wheat heart post pounders are fully hydraulic with easy-to-use joystick controls that let you tilt the mast in four directions to align your posts perfectly in uneven ground conditions the mast pivot system is precisely machined to reduce kickback so posts go in faster and straighter the hydraulically controlled post hugger is standard on all models for added convenience safety and better accuracy of alignment rollers on the hugger eliminate friction between the hammer and the post optional huggers for square posts and t posts are available for all models the heavy-duty hammer weighs in at 660 pounds of hard driving power work faster and smarter our high and heavy hitter post pounders drive wooden and steel posts significantly faster than other methods round or square posts up to 12 inches in diameter wheat heart handles them all they're built to last with rugged low-maintenance design features and high-quality durable materials the bolt on hammerhead has several mounting positions to accommodate different post types power is provided by tractor or skid steer hydraulics or PTO s running self-contained hydraulic systems the trailer and self-propelled models are available with rugged reliable Honda engines powering the self-contained hydraulic system both the three-point hitch models and the skid steer model are freestanding for safety and stability the wheat hard side mast three-point hitch model is ideal for rocky uneven terrain that's only accessible by tractor the wide stance provides greater stability and all side mast models feature 16 inches of lateral movement for easier more accurate post placement perfect for vineyard and orchard work and replacing existing fences and greaseless horizontal Polly slides mean no maintenance worries on that lateral movement Center masks configurations are available for both three-point hitch and the skid-steer models the skid-steer models come with a universal mount plate for quick attachment and removal they run off skid steer hydraulics or a self-contained hydraulic drive huit hearts high and heavy-hitter trailer models offer all the great features of the three-point hitch models plus a convenient postin that saves you time and energy by keeping posts close at hand the powerful Honda engine lets you shut off the tow vehicle between moves reducing fuel consumption and saving money with its wide stance and low center of gravity the trailer model is balanced and stable and a telescopic hitch lets you position the post exactly where you want it without having to move the tow vehicle a second time the self-propelled trailer model can be towed to the job site and unhitched it's extremely maneuverable and with no tow vehicle you're saving on fuel costs and freeing up equipment for other jobs independent hydraulic drives on the rear wheels let you make sharp precise turns and can be easily disengaged for towing with a ground spike that stops the unit from moving during pounding it's truly a one-man operation there are safety locks for transport mode and the front wheel flips up for easy hitching and towing the high-end heavy-hitter plus is built for tall post applications such as game fencing with a mask that reaches up 14 and a half feet and an extra powerful seven hundred and twenty pound hammer the guardrail model lets you pound guardrail posts to a height of approximately 28 inches and is also adjustable to handle normal post Heights the s2000 model takes the time-tested features of the wheat heart high and heavy hitter lineup and combines them in an economical package it's a center mass three-point hitch model that handles posts up to nine feet long the s2000 is fully hydraulic with a four-way tilt mast hydraulic post hugger and up to 600 pounds of hard driving hammer weights wide spaced legs make it more stable for freestanding hookup disconnect and storage and a transport locking bar prevents the cylinder from moving during transport and storage for extra hard ground conditions the optional wheat heart pilot auger drills through soil and most block obstructions down to 40 inches deep it bolts on to the mast so you can tilt it to the required angle with hydraulic controls 4 inch or 6 inch hard surface auger bits with replaceable carbide teeth and a reversible high torque hydraulic motor the bottom guide keeps the auger in line the universal mount post hole auger lets you dig postholes quickly and easily the perfect diameter at the perfect depth the universal bucket mount attaches quickly and easily on any tractor or skid steer bucket providing better visibility and faster digging with more downward pressure dual pivot points make the auger self aligning choose from four six nine twelve or fifteen inch diameters with three four or five foot extensions the quick detach replaceable cutting team and aggressive bit design work in all soil conditions and optional carbide teeth are available whether it's for livestock vineyard orchard or general purpose fencing the wheat hard line of high and heavy hitter post pounders make fencing jobs faster safer and more efficient for more information contact your local wheat heart dealer today or visit our website at wheat heart calm huit heart high and heavy-hitter post pounder is the best post pounder out there on the market today they'll stand up to punishment they're a lot heavier duty than any other pounder they're really really low maintenance basically change the oil build a gas and go the hugger it holds the post seek and wind it up keep it keep it straight with the pounder itself this one's hydraulic you don't have to get your hand in there or anything they're all freestanding to me that's a big safety aspect of it they're not going to tip over that's key I know guys fence contractors that are out there that are running our original make of the post pounder and they've had it for 15 20 years and they're still going they haven't replaced hardly anything on it she had they'll last forever you

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  1. Estoy interesado en comprar una maquina Wheatheart ,de clavar postes.Quisiera saber su valor.
    Tambien me interesaria representarlos en Argentina.
    Atentamente Juan Pablo Ruiz
    Productor agropecuario 

  2. Great video! Great seeing these post drivers in action. we look forward to seeing more farming videos like this. Be sure to check out our fencing channel too!

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