11 Replies to “Wheelchair Fencing – CHN vs CHN – Men's Ind Sabre – Cat. A Final – London 2012 Paralympic Games”

  1. Is anyone here on Facebook? If you are come and join us to socialize at the International disABILITY Forum (https://www.facebook.com/groups/internationaldisabilityforum/).

  2. So people that can walk sit in a wheelchair for fun and to be able to participate in wheelchair fencing.

    Seems legit

    I do get it. They have some kind of disability, but still the purpose of the wheelchair is completly gone and the whole thing to me subjectively looks stupid especially if you consider other people actually need such wheelchairs to be able to get from A to B.

  3. Damn this is inspiring!
    Always loved swordsmanship and fencing. I were even starting Kendo just before I paralyzed.
    This is something that I REALLY wanna do after I graduate, as I thought there's no way that wheelchair fencing exists.
    I already fight with sabres, bastards and even katanas/shotos against my friend who actually practices medieval swordsmanship and can use footwork as he's "normal".
    Still I manage to be even with him and win even long fights by using different techniques is different situations while moving my chair with one hand when I see oppoturnity for such πŸ˜›

  4. Re the commentary around 6:20….uhh…when the ref is signalling attack, no….that is not a parry-riposte….just sayin'.

  5. Jesus….the abdominal strength required to do that Matrix retreat….

    I sometimes simulate chair when giving lessons…but I don't have the rack to really do it properly.

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