50 Replies to “When Field Players Try to Play Goalkeeper…”

  1. As a Mexican that loves and plays this beautiful sport name Fútbol (Soccer) USA does something no other country in the world does, they train athletes not just a futbol player.

  2. as a kid back then, i watch a league game in england, 1st gk get injured, 2nd also injured & 3rd get a red card, so the defender has to fill that position, luckily that team won. it was a weird & hard game. i never imagine a team with 2 gk in the bench can run out of gk. lol

  3. fiel player that plays keeper must have some type of goalkeeping training, im sure every coach has a emergency option, thats why most times they do well, they know what they are doing

  4. Also how bad can you be if you cant score on a player that dont even play Goalkeeper on a regular basis. Bad players.

  5. To be honest anibaba should have came out to claim the ball but he did well with his feet to make the deflection

  6. Could not believe the second guy
    1) not allowed to header the ball out the keepers hands??!!? Like WTF?!!!!
    2) clear dive

  7. The 2nd one was bullshit. That guy faked being that hurt and even if he wasn't faking it serves him right for being a dick.

  8. Not bad but I feel like the mls league is kind of a joke they don’t play actual soccer they used to take penalties in a weird way and fielders as GKs? This reminds me of me when I would play in my soccer team there would be like 4 goalkeepers. ;-;
    And me as a defence player was once put in striker. ;-;
    Now I feel like I’ve improved though.

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