12 Replies to “When Taekwondo Strikes – ORIGINAL TRAILER”

  1. So Glad I came across her Movies . Had a Súper crush on her. First Movie I saw her Lady Kung Fu.She's One bad Ass Sexy Asian Doll. All her Movies are kick ass. Thank -You for putting her Movies on.

  2. If any of you really think you Know kung fu movies before the very confusing matrix came along then you would know that keanu reeves and All that mtv bullshit destroyed any real
    Credibilty for kung fu stars its All train pose look cool but no depth OR style só stop commenting on films like a bunch of critics about a genre YOu no nothing about OR have no inclination of i grew up with these films and im sick to death of hearing some brainless ufc fighter naming bruce Lee às a mentor when he was a school bully.

  3. Angela is so incredible!! I love her. fell in love with her back in 1973.  going to go purchase this, thanks for sharing !!!

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