Where does Spurs' comeback rank amongst the greatest Champions League games? | The Debate

Where does Spurs' comeback rank amongst the greatest Champions League games? | The Debate

25 Replies to “Where does Spurs' comeback rank amongst the greatest Champions League games? | The Debate”

  1. Already bought the new Liverpool kit, waiting till the games over to get the score written on the back.

    Arsenal fan here 😊

  2. I remember all the Champions League finalists and runners up since 1992 and many from other eras. Sherwood is meant to be a football pundit.

  3. "No one remembers the runners up" unless its liverpool and people sing about it for the next 5 years

  4. Tim Sherwood reckons that a year after the CL final no one will remember if their team was runner up – this guy talks a right brand of nonsense, why do they have him on?

  5. Nah. Ajax lost it.

    Their 2nd half game management was atrocious. Defended too deep and got sucked punched. Spurs deserve it, but only because Ajax threw that well and truly away

  6. This reminds me of the Juventus game at home in 2018 when Spurs continued to attack rather than try to preserve their lead from the away game. Many critics said the same of them as of Ajax and the word "inexperience" was mentioned several times. Maybe Spurs has learnt about pressure and Ajax will too; a great young team to be congratulated. COYS

  7. Tim sherwood needs to be quiet because he's a spurs fan and they haven't won a trophy for longer than Liverpool

  8. It's right up there. Roma vs barca last year, Liverpool vs barca this year and thfc v ajax. I'm a spurs fan and it was the most emotional night of my life.

  9. It doesn’t matter that you won’t remember the runners up! We the Liverpool fans remember, it baffles me how everyone and their grandmother that aren’t Liverpool supporters say s that if we don’t win, then it will be a disappointing season. Every Liverpool fan I have talk to are over the moon. We won’t to win, but what ever happens this season has been great!

  10. Ajax remind me of Tottenham last season in CL. Great football, classic matches, but the mentality and experience at this level give them the edge

  11. 13:28 I can’t believe he said that, Jurgen Klopp getting Liverpool to a CL final (for the 2nd year running) and to their highest ever points tally which could potentially end in 97 points and for them to lose 1 game in the league! That can’t be a terrible season, yes I understand the argument they unfortunately didn’t win a trophy but if my team chelsea did that I’d be over the moon of how my team did this season

  12. You cannot bring Harry Kane straight in not fit enough moura hat trick start Harry Kane last 20 or half hour tops

  13. Spurs were the better team a5 Anfield in the second half. It was only a stupid own goal that gave Liverpool the win. Liverpool should of stuffed Spurs that day. This final has not got an obvious winner.

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