Which Table Tennis Strokes Should I Learn First?

Which Table Tennis Strokes Should I Learn First?

hi there it's Jeff plumb from pingskills.com a and we're going to answer another question from ask the coach now lucky has asked about progressing his strokes he says hey guys I'm quite a new player to the game but a pretty good player I need to know some easy shots I should start off with and then gradually play more shots I'm good at side spin but have to work on my topspin side spin and paste shots please give me an idea of what shots I should try and learn I love your videos thanks locky ok yep so lucky my advice is to start with the four basic strokes so your forehand counterhit your backhand counterhit your forehand push backhand push the next two strokes that I think you should work on your forehand topspin and then your backhand topspin so those six strokes will give you a really good basis for playing a good game of table tennis now you talk about your side spin strokes I'd put them away for a while ok side spin strokes are quite risky and quite difficult to master you're much better off working with the straight topspin strokes ok there's more consistent yep it's more consistent and easier to learn and it will also give you a better base to to work from for the rest of your game ok and so what you're saying is if you master those 6 strokes you've really gone a long way to becoming a really good table tennis player yeah absolutely so so those six if you can just work at them and that doesn't mean just practice them once or twice that means try to perfect them try to master them get them to a stage where you can easily do a hundred of those strokes in a row ok there's some strokes to start with good luck I'm sure you'll improve you

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  1. @PingSkills I took a lesson today at a random TT club in koreatown and they taught me about the basic swing. It felt so weird because iā€™m used to lifting my arms and they just want me to swing back and forth. They say first I have to learn the basic swing

  2. @RoyalsChamp5 It's Jeff here. Thanks for the tip about St. Michaels, I'll have to ask Alois what is going on šŸ™‚

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