Whimsical Doodling – Picket Fence, Animals of the Wild

Whimsical Doodling – Picket Fence, Animals of the Wild

oh hi there I'm sandy all knock and I'm going to do a little bit of whimsical doodling in this card today super easy and fun to do I absolutely love this little stamp set from picket-fence when I saw it I had to get it look how adorable that is no masking needed you get all these cute little faces it's called animals in the wild there aren't puppy dogs and things in there so it's not all wild animals but it's pretty damn cute and what I decided to do was just add some details to it and you can do this with a lot of different stamps just adding a whimsical border to something because that gives a little bit of a frame to a card like this and I decided I wanted to put a little hello sentiment down in the bottom and I started with the L in the middle I counted how many letters I had so I can try to fit them in I do add a little exclamation point there at the end in a few minutes as I decided the O had a little extra space on the right hand side of it but since these animals are drawn so loose and cartoony I can get away with not even having straight lines in my doodling and it just fits the character of the stamps that you stamp one stamp you didn't have to have multiple stamps but it fits the character of the stamp itself really well and I even decided to use some of the elements from this you can even use a bunch of different elements and do a crazy border with all different kinds of patterns but if I take the zebra and do some most groupings of stripes all around the edge of this and just create a little bit more fun here now I have two different ideas for how you could do this card I did one where I just put it on a card base and I can send this to you somebody with some colored pencils just give them a couple of different colors and send it along as little treatment they can color their own card and I did another one where I pulled out some Copic markers so that I could do the color myself because it just looked like too much fun and I just started slapping color all around so this is a really easy way to do some coloring just have fun I decided not to worry about any shady or anything I'm just putting color in there I chose colors that were almost all warm colors and warm colors on the color wheel are going to go together really nicely how about really unique you know kind of common feel to them and then I also decided it was gonna put a little pop of something in there but I didn't know where I was gonna put that pop until I started working through this as you can see me kind of looking around for the different animals it's easy on our card like this with lots of different images to miss one of the Bears or miss one of the Lions and have to go back and pick it up that sort of thing because you don't always see them all right away but as they start getting filled in it starts to be easier to see the different animals and that's when I started seeing all the frogs and the green pop would be perfect and in and among all of these beautiful warm colors that cool bright green color is just one that's gonna stand out and the frogs jump out to your eye and I can also use the colors that are really nice and bright in the border and just throw a little come in super easy and fun and relaxing to color this way a little stripes color to the border that I've created and look how cute Betty's little square card super fun to just sit in from the TV and do some peas and coloring so get this stamp set if you love current little animals and if you want to make your own little whimsical drawings you can see plug-ins for sketching class because it teaches techniques very similar to this and I will see you guys later have an awesome awesome day bye bye

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  1. Adorable card! I love all of the cute animals. The border is such a great touch! Thanks for sharing!💕

  2. ADORABLE Sandy! I love the border you added, it really adds to the card. Those frogs really do pop! I need that stamp LOL ❤️

  3. So cute and so simple! Love the idea of sending it blank with some colored pencils. I also see it in watercolor with maybe just rainbow stripes blended across the whole stamp. TFS!

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