White Picket Fencing

White Picket Fencing

all right this is I don't know really what it is I see this stuff at the beach all the time is is stilt fencing out of them it's some precious decorative fencing that they sell in a role at Home Depot and this happened to be paying a point now am I crazy or is this just the most adorable precious instant thank you very much picket fence America picket fence I mean I'm saying the stuff is like eleven maybe sixteen bucks for a row I'm thinking it's a eight-foot something row look at it as precious alright the picket fence it comes this height which is what 20 inches I don't know they also have a 32 inch much bigger it's white they sell them natural wood hey you can paint it purple you can have a red fence alright as far as putting this in your garden somehow you can't just you know cut the thing open and think it's gonna suspect I mean clearly this is concrete reinforcement bar it's a steel rod is referred to as rebar okay when you go to Home Depot or Lowe's and you stand eating one of those sticky and it's not gonna work you got to speak you got to speak construction did you guys say rebar all right so you get a piece of rebar and then you will simply make sure that it hides behind one of your pickets you can attach them okay that's gonna be your best bet for keeping this fencing secure in the garden but it's a precious little fence and it's an easy way to make dogs stay out of a certain area you know and it's for team's America they can fence hundy bellows something like that 19 bucks I think I'm smart Jane and don't forget to bloom where you're planted

4 Replies to “White Picket Fencing”

  1. I wish Home Depot didn't discontinue selling this item. I constantly used them for my gardens and my dogs….

  2. You are tooooo adorable!!! Jane!!! I am so glad I found your page. Your hilarious and I have been looking all over for that picket fencing!! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for this video. I"m headed to Lowes right now to find my fencing. It will be great to fence in my small back yard for my little dog and not have to spend a fortune that I don't have. I'm so excited, It's gonna look adorable.

  4. I found it at Lowes…my home depot didn't sell it….it's called Greenes picket border fence and it sell for $23.96….thanks for sharing your video…I've been looking for a cheap easy way to do a garden morale on my daughters wall…this is perfect

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