Who Likes Circuit Training Workouts?

Who Likes Circuit Training Workouts?

[Applause] these [Applause] I feel I feel whoo okay guys just I've gotten with our workout it's Friday Friday morning I'm freakin dead so we planned on just doing a back workout but we decided to do like a little circuit but one minute increments right yeah one minute even movement right now yeah but we did that cooldowns we did um seated rows and you see that in the video who did those back-to-back without timing we just did our regular reps then we saw that someone had brought in the row machine so we decided to do the row machine – for one minute just row as much as we could for a minute and then one minute kettlebell sumo deadlifts as you'll see towards the I'm gonna say almost 40 second that's when it gets the hardest like I can't keep my form by that time so I'm just trying to go go go so did feel a little sloppy I tried to quit before the time it was hard as heck we haven't done circuits in a long time and just those minute increments were deadly we only film the last one yeah we were also doing ropes good yeah yeah yeah somebody who got on it ropes but then we tried to be courteous to the people who are around as well and she also wanted to use himself didn't just ropes her the recording but who did those prior um it was yeah three rounds three rounds in a minute on each thing yeah it was as fast as you can – so it was intense um let's see show miss Witt shamless look can you see that stop moving to the glistening so yeah I just sprayed in my face with water this is where it came from just kidding oh yeah it was it was really intense we have to say we got this from this idea we've been watching YouTube and there's people towards this stuff yeah yeah mookee well this is we didn't used to do this stuff though with them 80 but these are like his workouts yeah yeah we never did one minute one minute one minute we would do the full full circuit but this time we decided just to do two things cuz we we got the idea from watching something so we just had to try it out because we are just trying to get back into our circuits and it was pretty intense so yeah I've been doing good this week I did skip one day of cardio but um I've been out working outside and I've been so tired like the Sun and the heat is just draining me waste a lot of weight but still a sweet safe consistent our eating has been consistent and ya can't see I'm feeling good again and I just need to keep it going and what do you know that's it I'm just we will go back to building more filming later there's just a little bit a little bit all right

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  1. I am so happy for you guys doing good! It’s definitely not easy and working all day out in this summer heat takes a lot out of a person. I too am on my own personal health journey and I know you have mentioned your family health issues so I am praying that you are able to get your health together as well! God bless you both on your journey πŸ‘πŸ€—πŸ™β€οΈ

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