Who will Gareth Bale sign for if he leaves Real Madrid? | Transfer Talk

Who will Gareth Bale sign for if he leaves Real Madrid? | Transfer Talk

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  1. If Gareth Bale goes to China to play, that in my book is a soft and punk move….. He is still way too good to be going to China just so you can keep your wages……. He could have gone back to the premiership and make some serious noise with a team in need of an elite attacking player

  2. Don't understand li drool thinking behind this transfer window. Very lucky last season that the front 3 stayed relatively injury free. Origi is not technically good enough and doesn't show enough quality in game play. This just feels like the season we signed balotelli. I don't feel like we are progressing from last season. Think if we brought in fernandes from sporting and pepe from like that would be the tipping point for the title. Could rotate front 3 and maintain made power and goals. Midfield be more creative. Feel like we have stood still and won't be close to city this year. Very disappointing. You only need to look at pre season to see we are way off. The youngsters aren't good enough yet. If keep Wilson to play from bench. Can't believe but first time under klopp not seeing the thought process. Did this with Dortmund and struggled. Can't afford slow start in premier league as just won't claw points back

  3. Though I have got no love for Bale, Zidane or Real Madrid; I sympathize and side with Bale, He earned and achieved a lot, he can sit back, enjoy his breakfast, builders tea or green tea, play golf and sucking Real Madrid dry for disrespecting Club Greats.

  4. I don't think Bale will leave. He has EVERYTHING he and his family wants where he is. More money than he'll ever need coming in for the next 3 years. He doesn't even have anything more to prove. If I was him and Zidane treated ME like that? I'd say sod it and live the life of luxury the next 3 years playing the odd game as and when!

  5. Bale has a lot of injuries too couldn't see premier league clubs want to fork out ridiculous wages and that's the problem ye have Madrid an Barcelona an Psg pay these silly wages and if it doesn't work there it's hard for the player to go back to say premier cause he'd have to take a pay cut can't see premier club pay 600000 a wk

  6. Twitter accounts for less than 5% of Man Utd's fan base. Can we stop reporting on it as if Twitter is a general consensus for fan opinion, it ain't

  7. British media listen to their own drum beat, they keep repeating that Bale is the best player on the planet omitting the existence of over 100 better players who are the Top 100 players in the world and where his name doesn’t figure.
    Bale is an OK player not made to play in Spain, his style of play better suits England than Spain / France / Italy.
    Real Madrid are willing to sell Bale with zero transfer fee, and their accountants know how to write him off the balance sheet.

  8. As a Spurs fan, Gareth Bale is no longer an Elite Player, Gareth Bale is an "Elite Injury Nightmare". These are the times when we feel blessed by having Daniel Levy at the helm, we are sure he won't do the stupid popular thing and get us into a mess that might implode our club… Please, don't even consider it!!!

  9. LOL, Mark McAdam managed to bankrupt all his friends with "shirt bets" 🙂
    Fairplay, mate, you pulled them all off perfectly!

  10. Since moving from the uk. I dont watch sky sports that much anymore. But, is this what its become? What a joke lol

  11. This was painful to watch 😐
    I Could pick 5 people from the street and they would give more exciting and meaningful transfer talk.

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