Why China's Dominance in Table Tennis is Unmatched at the Olympics | Land of Legends

Why China's Dominance in Table Tennis is Unmatched at the Olympics | Land of Legends

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  1. Wow, very talented people playing that sport. Maybe they eat something special that makes them very good at it.

  2. What the coach shared regarding what he hopes for china and being a centre for table tennis like the US is for NBA, was pretty inspiring and agreeable to me lol especially when he denounced coveting the best players and dominating the sport as one nation

  3. why are Jamaicans so good in sprints?
    Kenyans in distance running?
    Americans in basketball?
    Canadians in hockey?Norwegians in cross country skiing?

  4. "The system for selecting young talent is the Whole Nation Sport System, a multi-tiered government bureaucracy" Yep, sounds like China

  5. Chinese father: " Are you table tennis champion yet ".
    Chinese son: " Dad, I'm 10 ".
    Chinese father: " Call me when you champion ".

  6. This is kind of like asking why America is dominant in American football: China is one of the only, if not the only, country to take ping-pong seriously.

  7. The video doesn't contain any explanation how table tennis became the sport number 1 in China. It all started in 1959 when Rong Guotuan won the World championship's gold in Dortmund. A former Hong Konger became the very first Chinese World Champion since PRC foundation. Rong's victory was in the year of 10th PRC foundation's anniversary, then-PM Zhou Enlai called it "double happiness", that way 2 Chinese table tennis brands got their names (the second one is Double fish, bcs fish and happiness are homophones in Mandarin). Due to Rong Chinese men's team won their first World Championship in Beijing 2 years later. After that he had led Chinese women's team to their first World champions title as a coach, since then China never surrendered its dominance in women's table tennis. Although Rong had to commit suicide during the Cultural Revolution he was a great hero for Chinese people and played a crucial role in table tennis popularization in China. His won resulted in appearance of thousands of tennis tables in parks, yards, schools, factories and so on

  8. This is waist of time to listen what chinese has to say.
    Only copy their way of training may put others on their level.
    Rest is not important.
    Practice ,practice, practice, practice and so long.
    Good time lazy bums.

  9. They talk about the young talented athlete selection system like it's some kind of amazing idea. Maybe it is, depending on how you look at it, but when they find out that a child isn't as talented as the one next to them, they throw them away, this happens usually once the child is a teenager or more. Not only this but when a child is being trained specifically in a certain sport, they don't get an academic education.

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