Why I got Pulled Over During Training (week 2)

Why I got Pulled Over During Training (week 2)

I've just been pulled over by the side the royboy police officer and I thought I was in trouble [Applause] [Applause] what were you thinking when you saw daddy you send confused I'm testing my fitness to see where I'm at how about you Rossi what did you think my what did you think well see I thought I was in trouble but he's saying alive because you watch the vlog and you got some tips first maybe coming up on how to corner yeah I'd really love to get together for five minutes absolutely things are very high everything from a motorbike replies to a push bike yeah and I can guarantee I'll transform your cornering in five minutes flat absolutely look forward to that all right thanks for pulling me over some of the bottom of ginder you drive Wednesday afternoon bike is here marathons on we're in full training mode and it's a horrible day here in the Sunshine Coast come on there it is 24 degrees right now which is kind of an unfair training advantage really I've got here on the Sunshine Coast I do miss Melbourne dearly I know all my Melbourne supporters are gonna be like virtual it's gonna roll out a little bit further as soon as I started talking of course massive trucks just started driving past at the bottom again do you drive here and there was some gala in a trade you started to pull out some tunes that's better so those scenes that you just saw we're gonna get to those shortly what I wanted to do first and if you've just landed here this is actually week two or I should say episode two of a 10-week series that I'm doing training for the men's masters Nationals Road race in South Australia about nine weeks time now I'm also doing the criterion race which I should have mentioned in the first video and I actually may be better suited to that ball talk more about that later right here right now it's Wednesday this week is week two of like a step ladder approach that I take to my training so week one last week was eight hours and our pure lead based training sort of sitting in zone 2 this week I'm starting to implement some high intensity stuff so I'm doing 10 hours this week for sessions 3 at high intensity one's going to be more just zone 2 Base building and in this session today this is a bit of circuit training so I'm going to be sitting in my bottom end zone 4 so my threshold zone for about I'd say I'm gonna do up kinder here it's about 3 K's is a 10k circuit which I'm going to go around I did a video on this which I'll link to below and then I'm gonna go up the hill again after I come down so I'd probably 30 to 40 minutes of zone 4 training today and that may not seem like a lot but keep in mind I have not been doing any high intensity stuff for a couple of months so this is my first week and I'm building into it so this session here in a few weeks time is going to get a lot harder so let's get into it he'll climb into circuit complete him with it one more Hill Climb it's about 3 k's then I'll be done and I'm gonna share a little tip with you but before I finish the last Hill Climb you know what's so good about this type of training outside of the physiological impact is that I had a hundred and one thoughts before I started this session stresses and anxieties and all sorts of stuff and they are now completely gone it's like a window wipe up just wipe them completely clear so I'm rolling down Guinea now the high intensity stuff is completed for about 35 minutes all up and the thing that I did today is I kept it in one gear the whole ride so the 53 at the front 14 on the rear and essentially what that does is we're working different systems as we arrive because we pedal it a hop higher cadence down hills sort of a normal cadence maybe 80 90 on the flats and then going up hill we're about 60 50 60 cadence so we're working the musculoskeletal system we're working the cardio system which essentially gives you different tools to utilize come race day there before I get home I just wanted to thank body too look they sent me this kit recently it's a beautiful kit thank you very much for sending it through I've just been rolling around well just finished doing some cool replace and I bumped into people from specialized tools what are you doing here secret mission actually test riding the all-new creo SL right I've got a couple want to look like is that this bike here so I'll show you go yours this is actually the Evo spec so the difference between this and the vision glasses thank you this is the difference between the this and the road spec is essentially just the tires you've got the wider handlebars with and just and in a dropper post as well it's an electronic ebike rode bikes Eero bikes this is an e road bike yeah so this is the Evo model we then have a more Road specific model bug yes entually this one's covering my we took it through some single track yeah well so why'd you gotta die we've just done a TK yeah we 300 meters of climbing yeah in about two hours 40 right so how fast we going those things so we're hitting on the flat just before opening up a little bit going 44k now yeah no it's acts like just a normal high performance specialized road by right but then when you hit the hills and and you it comes back into that 25k limit then it motor kicks in and you just spin calmly I guess and pedal up the hill with essentially the hand of God yeah she got the hills look I'm blown away but I'd never seen okay the company but it's not every day you'd get me an e road bike and I choose this over my tarmac really yeah wow that's a big descends better than that so really so I'm here with Nick as well Nick actually appeared in one of the videos recently talking about the differences between the we're talking about the difference between entry-level tarmac in the top level tarmac what do you reckon of these machines what do I reckon of these machine I don't write my stomach anymore the same thing why do you what's so good about him there isn't much wrong with him to be honest he's still going to work out you can go pretty much anywhere literally explore whatever hills whatever seen her in whatever mountaintops yeah and no intimidation no no panic no worries about getting higher more making it over the top of that crystal stuff can yet be is why has this got no specialized honor this one here why is it got no specialized because it's been a field test machine for the last six months so I've had this had to be sort of undercover and undercover we had a few and a few of them around the world doing a lot of field testing kind of final rider approval stuff so just checking that all the bits work in the right places and sending feedback back to our Switzerland office which is where all the technologies produced so if someone rises up next to you like before this is actually relationship what are you writing can you tell them just write off at 50 guys an hour so that was certainly not part of today's training plan that is to stop in a random house and have a fir fee which is a beer with a whole bunch of specialized people and their dealers but you got to live your life you know I don't get on this side plate you know you got your foot in my smoothie so I realized something after the last video we did the first as part of this 10-week series last week is the car it's actually a really great environment for me to have a conversation with you in a quiet environment my mother-in-law is still with us but irrespective my wife's always making noise the kids have always left an explosion of mess in the house and it's not a great house this is a first world youtube problem the house is not a great house from a lighting perspective so the cars pretty good there's a bit of brightness coming in here but I think we can deal with that and it's the week here in the Sunshine Coast it's been an unbelievable midwinter week it's feels like summer so I'm actually perched out in front of a bike shop I've just told my patrons about this I'm gonna be reviewing a really really good bike I'm really looking forward to this one so you'll hear more about that in coming videos what I wanted to do quickly summarize what you saw at the start of the video it's been another really busy week this is week two as you saw it was Ruby's sixth birthday party I was doing some study there because on the weekend that's just been I've just completed my level one track and Road Cycling coaching course my wife in between all this has gone to your poun which is about a five hour drive north and she's completed her first triathlon let's hear what else had to say about that is how I get you isn't it before you go inside you did your first triathlon how far did you go a 2k swim yeah ATK by her 20k run and your first try for never first triathlon ever right Ron and where did you finish him the age group six out of hundreds thousands thousand and I got pulled over by his name's Peter or or Pete which was pretty funny but as it turns out he Pete just follows the channel and we're gonna go for a ride together and he's gonna teach us some cornering skills some skills that he's learnt riding on that motorbike of his and also being a road cyclist so Pete I look forward to that so we're gonna start getting into some meaty stuff as part of the series starting next week I'm conscious about a whole bunch of people send me some ideas about like over this 10-week period I like to understand your nutrition plan I like to understand how you're gonna phase in your training schedule some of you live in a hilly area so you want understand how do you build based fitness if you live in a hilly area there's a whole bunch of things that we're going to get through over the next say eight to nine weeks but for now we're just setting the foundation and as you saw at the start of this video in between everything else I've done an FTP test and I weighed myself last week so I've got some work to do interestingly my FTP results the numbers were very similar to a test that I did two and a half months ago where I did the husband versus wife FTP test I'll link to that video below if you haven't seen it but interestingly I was a I felt like I was a lot fitter back then about two and a half months ago but ultimately I want to get my FTP I think the goal is to get the FTP over the next ten weeks I like to get it up to 370 ish around there I think that's a good goal to have and get the weight down another five kilos so I think FTP around 370 weight around 76 kilos I think that will put me in a in a strong position to perform well in the road race in particular because there's a number of hill climbs in that we're going to get to the details on what that race looks like and how I'm going to implement that into my training plan in later videos and also the Criterium race so more details to follow and I'll catch you in the next video you

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  1. Good going with your training! Any advice on how you plan to lose the kilos? I'm around the same weight now but struggle to break into the 70's -probably due to my sweet tooth!

  2. Hey 👋 Cam, haven’t caught your videos for a while, not watching as much YT because it’s riding season! Anyway this was a great one Cam! 👍👍

  3. Nice one Cam. Saw a nice BMC aero bike in a certain bike shop the other day. Would love to see a review on that one! 😉😉😉😉

  4. Great to see the local Bobby's know a good YouTube channel when they see one😂🤣 it's a small world hey Cam, great stuff mate, love it, thx bud👍

  5. Hey Cam, loving the content back in the UK 👍🏼. Was that a step test you were doing for FTP? If so how would you rate it versus a standard 20mins? Guessing both are equally horrible to do haha, but interested to know

  6. Thanks for showing how challenging it can be to train and meet family obligations!!! Can’t wait for next videos

  7. fun video again…Cam you have all my admiration if you will do the Crit  at the Master,  it's a crazy race. I've done some race and i've witness some amazing crash (and some i was part ot them)   but a crit like this….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=witoEZ1GDME&t=7s (this is my age group) ….naah i can't do it anymore. I wish you the best of luck…oh and by the way your Week 2 of your training, according to what we saw on this video, is not much..you can do better ! loloh by the way..what is the name of the lady you spoke to on this video..just curious..Cheers from Montreal Canada !!

  8. Lol on the dancing Cam. The things we do to entertain our kids!! Btw, you definitely had the Wiggo look going, I thought you might jump behind the decks!😜
    And hopefully the next time Old mate Pete pulls you over, it isn’t for videoing on your phone whilst riding. …
    Good luck with the training

  9. Whaaaat, I've ridden motorbikes and push bikes for years, do not handle the same, sorry. It's all about weight. Where a rider is 80kg a motorbike is 200kg vs a push bike 7kg. The weight distribution is opposite. In cornering on a motorbike, you're the light thing, so you lean yourself right over (scraping the knee) and the motorbike stays upright, on a push bike you're the heavy thing, so you lean the roadie right over and you stay upright (i.e dumping the bike into the turn). (The heavy thing always stays upright). Also, countersteering is less of a thing on pushbikes because it takes next to no effort to throw 7kg around, versus throwing 200kg into a corner, countersteering is almost essential on a motorbike, it can be done on a roadie, just not as necessary. So the guys who put a knee out Valentino Rossi style on a roadie… sorry guys, that's just wind drag you feel pulling you through the corner, it's not doing anything for your cornering, and would you really want to scrape your bare knee on the road anyway?!?! Riding a roadie is more like skiing (skis are the light thing), push all the weight to the outside foot, hips go into the hill, upper torso leans out of the hill as if your trying to peak around the corner. This presents the best edge of the ski to the hill and on a roadie, applies the most force through the tyre. There are a few good reputable cycling channels that can attest to the validity of this information. Caveat – Motorbike cops have some awesome skills and anything he teaches you will be worth listening to.

  10. As a former (now retired) NSWP HWP Motorcyclist, but still an active road cyclist, I agree that there will likely be some cornering 'tips and tricks' to be learnt from your new QLDP HWP buddy – can't wait to hear if they mirror my experience on the road

  11. Interesting as always mate! when you said you got pulled over i immediately chuckled recalling about 20 yrs ago in my home state of massachusetts, usa. one of the hidden(haha) benefits of life as a 120kg super clydesdale is that you can go like hell on most any descent. on a long approx. 9k steep straight descent the one and only time that i ever hit 115k on a bike, i suddenly heard a siren coming up on the rear. i thought o lord i'm screwed after breaking the posted speed by a lot! thank heaven it was a hgwy patrol that i knew and a fellow cyclist pulling me over to congratulate me doing the fastest descent he'd ever seen!! talk about relief!! thought you might get a kick outta that!

  12. Absolutely not true that everything that applies to cornering on a motorbike applies to a bicycle. On the motorbike, the bike is the heaviest object and you form a v with the bike upright and the rider inside the bike in the corner. This is the opposite to what happens on a bicycle.

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